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Bankia launches Índicex Social, a tool to measure the digitization and information transparency of NGOs

  • The entity, with the collaboration of the Lealtad Foundation and the Spanish Association of Foundations, makes available to the associations of the Third Sector a free self-diagnosis system.
  • The tool analyzes more than one hundred parameters grouped into seven measurement areas offering a global note and a complete improvement report.
  • The dossier, which offers a maximum score of 10, analyzes the following areas: informative transparency; membership and donations; content and social networks; mobility; SEO positioning; digital marketing, and web analytics.
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Bankia , in collaboration with the Fundación Lealtad and the Spanish Association of Foundations, launches Bankia Índicex Social, a self-diagnosis tool that allows associations and foundations to measure the level of communication and digitalization of their organization and analyze, in a simple way, their transparency information and presence on the Internet.

Through the analysis of one hundred parameters grouped into seven measurement areas, civil society organizations receive a complete free report of more than 50 pages instantly where details and personalized recommendations for improvement in the field of digitalization and information transparency

With a simple language, the report offers advice to achieve a better positioning on the Internet and thus achieve more effective communications that support its fundraising strategy.

The tool, which assesses a maximum score of 10, measures seven fundamental aspects for analyzing the level of presence and communication of the entity on the Internet: informative transparency; membership and donations; content and social networks; mobility; SEO positioning; digital marketing, and web analytics.

"At Bankia we have a strong commitment to NGOs and we want to support them in the process of digitalization, since having a good presence on the Internet is the showcase to show their important daily work and to achieve, in this way, increase their social base and donors ", underlined the director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Bankia, David Menéndez.

Menéndez stressed, in this regard, that Bankia wants to "be on the side of all those organizations that are concerned about the development of the immediate environment serving vulnerable groups that have a positive impact on society."

For its part, the director of Institutional Relations of the Foundation Loyalty, María Eugenia Larrégola, has stressed that "the web is a key and essential element in the communication of NGOs with their target audiences." "For there to be a real informative transparency, it is fundamental that the websites have minimum, up-to-date contents that are relevant for users because all this contributes to generating trust in society and building loyalty to their social base", he clarified.

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Bankia Índicex Social offers a complete consultancy dossier for NGOs helping them to identify which are the strongest points and which improvement ones in terms of digitization and thus show them if the communication actions they carry out on the Internet adjust to the new digital environment.

The report that Bankia provides to foundations and associations includes indicators that allow them to adapt to the digital world and help them to keep in mind in their communications the necessary requirements for their message to reach society.

Through the 'Indexx Social Seal', NGOs can show on their website the score obtained and thus communicate their online presence.

In this line, the director of the Spanish Association of Foundations, Javier Nadal, said that "digital transformation is a requirement and an opportunity of our time that we must take advantage of to improve transparency, management, attention to the recipients of our projects and activities ".

The launch of this tool supports the work that NGOs do and is part of Bankia's commitment to associations and foundations, while reinforcing the work of the Spanish Association of Foundations and the Loyalty Foundation in its commitment to transparency.

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