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Banking And Finance Congress 2018 The Future of Customer Experience in Finance Sector – Transforming the Industry with Digital CX

Dubai, December 11, 2018

Finance sector is being redefined by artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain, and fintechs. Financial institutions used to think that "service" is what differentiated one financial brand from another. However, now, the digital experience is paramount when it comes to separating the winners from losers in the industry. How do we manage the intersection of emotion and technology in retail banking? How do we ensure the digital elements of customer experience reinforce the physical in a satisfying and delightful manner? How can customer-focused financial institutions use digital technology to differentiate themselves from others? How can we use Artificial Intelligence in customer experience functions appropriately? How do we handle legacy systems? And how do we stay compliant?

The IDC's Banking and Finance Congress 2018 aims to provide the answers. It brings together the banking and financial services community with hand-picked IT providers to analyze solutions and offer a digital vision for the future. The agenda features thought leaders, cutting-edge debates, robust case studies, and the essential trends and insights you need to ensure you stay ahead of the CX curve.