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Exclusive: France to spend €32m on sustainable presence at Expo 2020 and beyond

Europe's third largest economy aims to showcase at least 500 companies at the expo

Alkesh Sharma With a focus on urban mobility and sustainability, France is investing close to €32 million (Dh137.6m) on its national pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai, 50 per cent more than what it budgeted during the last Expo in Milan.

“We had spent close to €21m (Dh90.3m) during Expo 2015 in Milan and this time there is a good jump. I can say that this big jump is clearly on purpose,” Erik Linquier, commissioner general for France - Expo 2020 Dubai, told The National.

“Location of the expo is key. This will be the first expo after a very long time that will see a gathering of large number of people from different regions like Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East and that is a unique opportunity for us.”

Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, Chief Executive Officer of BNP ParibasThe budget is shared equally between the French government and the private companies, about 40 per cent of which is allocated to the infrastructure of the pavilion itself.

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The six-month global exposition, starting on October 20, 2020, has three themes – opportunity, mobility and sustainability – that chime with those of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint for a better global future adopted in 2015 and intended to be realised by 2030.

The French pavilion will be located within the Expo 2020 space dedicated to mobility and is expecting nearly 6 million visitors.