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Hedge funds join the cryptocurrency party: the 2018 Crypto Hedge Fund Summit arrives

The high level of uncertainty and the low level of liquidity of the market have made the investments in cryptocurrencies more sensitive to market cycles, more risky to negotiate and more attractive to hedge funds, which since the beginning of last year have not stopped to add positions in cryptocurrencies to their portfolios.

Now, more traditional asset management firms are also starting to explore the market. So much so that recently, the world's largest asset manager, Blackrock, announced that it had formed a working group to analyze and investigate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency operations. The announcement immediately triggered an increase in Bitcoin prices.

Around 40% of the respondents said that they are already investing using principles of responsible investment, with total assets in this type of assets that exceeds 59,000 million dollars, little more than 10% of the total AUM of the respondents.


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In the coming days, Trade Terminal, a cryptocurrency trading platform, together with Liaoyuan, will start the 2018 Crypto Hedge Fund Summit. It will be on Thursday, July 27 at the New York Marriott Downtown.

"The market is growing very fast," said Chen Li, Liaoyuan CEO. "But there are still legal and technical concerns that limit fund managers, and the event is an opportunity to clarify things."

BlackRock, BitSpread, BlockTower, Two Sigma Compass, Trade Terminal, Vatic Labs and 20 other firms have confirmed their attendance at the event. In total, more than 200 industry experts, analysts, and managers will attend and discuss recent trends in how hedge fund managers should evaluate and invest in this market.

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