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Optimal Asset Management launches an indexing service through the Factor Allocator platform

Optimal Asset Management has launched a direct indexation service for institutional investors and investment advisors. The indexes available for direct indexing are S & P Dow Jones, S & P 500, S & P MidCap 400, S & P SmallCap 600 and selected factor indexes.

As explained by the manager, in the market since 2012, adding new services responds to the intention of Optimal Asset Management to offer solutions to three profiles that were previously outside the services of this tool: pension plans, family offices and investment advisors.

"In my many years of working with large institutions, I often wondered, why large investors have access to all these tools to make their investments more efficient while the rest of us do not," says Vijay Vaidyanathan, executive director in Optimal Asset Management , when explaining why they have expanded their service.

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"Factor Allocator now packages the tax efficiency and personalization offered by the ownership of direct shares in separately managed customer accounts, with great ease of use for the benefit of a wider universe of market participants," explains Vaidyanathan.

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