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Thai Ordeal finally ends in reunion of loved ones

Imagine one has to face the biggest fear of lifetime, the ordeal that could lead to ignominy of losing their most loved ones. This was the same set of emotions that were trapped inside the soul of the head coach and young boys (Young soccer team) and their parents.

Aged tenderly at 11-16 Years, they all were completely dead and being out of world, trapped in Tham Luang Limestone based cave in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, in northern Thailand for a span of two-three weeks.

Being trapped inside a dungeon like cave so steep and narrow that even flexible seals and the most professional Thai Navy divers were finding it troublesome to enter and thus failed to make any mark. To make matters worse, inconsistent and profound rains,flooding inside the cave made it even more worst as well as the most difficult scenario to execute beyond realms of human body and technology. .

Credit must be equally given and round of applause goes to the grit of the coach and the determination of young boys to wave off the adverse conditions without even having their morsel for these long days.

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Finally the human race to survival of fittest paid off as 150 brave British divers and some trained seals were deployed to carry of the rescue act. After span of a week long ordeal one of the kind rescue mission act going down to the history books, the mission was accomplished as all 13 men (the head coach and the 12 boys) were evacuated from the cave safely.

It was indeed Test of Testimony for the Head Coach,12 boys and gritty Brit Divers to motivate themselves for the most daring rescue operation ever carried out.

After a thorough interrogation to know the cause of how this catastrophe incident unfolded, Thai authorities have now reunited the team with their near and dear ones.

Kudos to all of them. And at last they gave the humanity a great moral lesson. Moral: Never ever lose hope even if your life is engulfed in the worst situations. Face it boldly and come out winning the ordeal.