July 18, 2024

Sofarm: An Innovative Cloud-Based Software Solution That Tackles Social Platform Restrictions


By: Sofarm in association with International Business Magazine

All businesses today are aware of the power of social platforms and their importance in generating business. In the age of online marketing, reaching out to your target audience in this way is vital, but when your products or services are restricted, getting the quality of traffic you need is not so straightforward, as many companies have found.

Social platform restrictions make it harder and harder for many kinds of online businesses to maximise their potential and it can be a continuous struggle for them to drive the kind of traffic they need to their website. With this situation, many companies end up grinding to a halt, and lose track of any obvious direction on how to move forward.

Sofarm is a company that has addressed these problems and found a solution that has been embraced by many companies who have experienced issues relating to restricted products or services. Sofarm’s CEO, Hunor Szasz, has taken the opportunity to talk about these issues and reveals how his company’s solution provides businesses with the means to advertise their products and services to their target audience full steam ahead and achieve the traffic they need with ease.

Hunor, can you tell us about Sofarm? Who is it for and how did it come about?

Sofarm is a unique solution for companies whose products or services are restricted to advertising on social platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. These companies know that social traffic is the highest quality traffic they can go after as it delivers the highest possible results to the company, but they are unable to fulfill their potential.

Sofarm works by clearing the path from obstacles and allowing businesses in the Casino, Betting, Forex, Binary, Crypto, Nutra, CBD, Finance, Payday Loans, Dating and Adult sectors to actively advertise restricted products or services on social platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc and get massive volumes of social traffic that would otherwise not be possible.

We started out as a media buying agency and were initially focused on performance marketing. It was clear to us early on that there was a lack of tools available to help us increase traffic, so we decided to develop what we needed ourselves.

The requirement for such tools became even more evident as restrictions started to become harsher, and that’s how we arrived at our solution. Soon after, word got around and others in the industry who had heard about the tools we had developed, and were experiencing similar issues, asked for our help. As demand continued to grow, we decided to launch our solution as a business. Hence, Sofarm came into being and has since operated as a standalone business which has grown substantially across the globe. Of course, we still use it ourselves, and we continually update it, following the trends and changes in the markets. To date, we have over 60 clients.

Can you elaborate on the kind of traffic and social platforms your company covers and what sort of restrictions exist?

We cover most social platforms as already outlined which is all-important since restrictions are making it harder than ever for many kinds of businesses to maximise their potential when faced with limited traffic sources. With all social platforms, there are standard rules in force for restricted ads which can vary from platform to platform. Some platforms have fairly easy to follow rules while others are more specific. As a result, it can be virtually impossible for companies to get the levels of traffic they need to their website in order to run successful campaigns.

It is common knowledge that with social traffic you get quality clients. People trust these sources and they are easy to target for a specific audience, but they still give up after long battles with the platforms. Nevertheless, abandoning social platforms is a short-sighted move as not only is there less competition with them, there are tons of people eager to see your product, hence you will get higher conversions.

With this in mind Sofarm offers an innovative and highly effective solution that opens the door for companies to actively advertise their controlled products or services on social platforms and generate huge volumes of social traffic that they otherwise wouldn’t get access to.

Tell us more about the problems Sofarm solves and how you go about it.

Sofarm offers clients the means to break down the barriers put in place by social platforms, and opens the door for companies to actively advertise their restricted products or services. Our solution uses a combination of tools including CRM system, fingerprint and IP solution, payment solutions, safe pages, redirecting services, and social accounts management – all designed to reach out to where you need to be.

We offer a complete solution that makes it simple to manage all your accounts in one place. Our CRM also allows users to keep control of their budget and card balances, keep track of their media buying performance and schedule tasks. Not only do we provide the tools, Sofarm allows clients to scale easily, enabling them to multiply their traffic and develop winning campaigns.

For those companies who blame poor performance on their marketing team, this is often not the case. It can quite simply be because the marketing team does not have the right tools. Hence, it is the management team’s responsibility to set their teams on the right track. Sofarm provides the means to do just that.

Undoubtedly, 2021 is all about social traffic and all aspiring companies should jump on the social traffic train as it is a bulletproof solution. We can offer a free consultation to help identify your needs. What we offer is a game-changing solution – and there are still many companies who are not aware of what we can offer. We are setting a new direction and our solution is exactly what is needed to put your business firmly on track to success.

Please explain what unique features Sofarm offers that will get accounts to another level.

We offer a complete solution, incorporating comprehensive consulting and training services that are designed to equip our clients with the knowledge on how to best exploit the solution for maximum gain. We also work with our clients so they can learn which techniques will work and won’t work for them, assisting with the whole flow from A to Z. Features include cloud based CRM system, Windows & MacOS fingerprinting, IP solutions (mobile and residential),

safe pages (proxying, wordpress, ecommerce), Payment solutions with exclusive BINs, redirecting services, in-house accounts warm-up solution and resources on demand.                                 

How is the solution able to get good traffic?

Social traffic in 2021 is no longer just performance based. These days it’s a long term strategy that combines branding with performance. In this respect, it is important to understand that Sofarm is not just your average solution to manage social accounts.

There are plenty of companies taking a fragmented approach. Sofarm is a new direction for your company and an important strategy in today’s competitive marketplace that takes into consideration all the important elements, not just a few, so you get the quality of traffic you need. Our cutting-edge technology means you can grab many opportunities to exploit all available social platforms, with strong results within your reach.

One of the stand out features we offer is the accounts warm-up solution, a great way to enable you to gain trust. With a warmed-up account, you can move out from the sandbox and gain access to all quality audiences, CPM is lower and you will reach a premium audience that mostly likes to convert.

Resources on demand is one of your key benefits you offer. Please elaborate.

Resources on demand is a supportive tool that we offer our clients as an option. It’s not an aspect that we specifically make money on –  we simply offer it to help our clients fill the gap after identifying the problem. We do our utmost to help clients find the best solution that they will be happy with. We are there to clear the obstacles, whatever they may be, so if a client needs to outsource a task, for example, we can offer that service so they don’t need to hire in. Other services we offer include budget and performance control, team management, solution training, farming know-how and consulting and a dedicated project manager.

Why do you think it is important to have an in-house solution rather than affiliate marketing?

Having an in-house solution puts your business in control of its marketing. Affiliate marketing is an outdated model that does not allow you to achieve your maximum potential by the nature in which it operates. Quite simply, what most affiliates do is to try to make money right here, right now. This involves using aggressive creatives, applying too direct a sales approach, using misleading tactics or having a tendency to show ads to a non relevant audience. Most affiliates work with lead-based payouts, hence, they are not selling ‘clicks’ but conversions. In addition, users can be different – some are bots so you will never get money from them although some users may bring good LTV.

The truth is, affiliates don’t really care enough about user experience after they have made the conversion, so ultimately, you lose out. Affiliates are all too happy to switch brands if they feel they could achieve a higher ROI with someone else. For this reason we strongly advise never to depend on 3rd parties. With Sofarm, you get a complete in-house solution, arming you with everything you need to obtain quality of traffic right at your fingertips.

What input is needed on the client side? How easy is it to implement Sofarm and does a user need to have any technical knowledge?

As clients know their product better than anyone else, we think Media Buying should be the only input on the client’s part. We take care of all the rest.

Implementing Sofarm is easy. Our experts will take care of the whole technical side of things including set up and integration to deliver a solution in less than one month. There are no technical requirements on a client’s part and after the agreement is signed, we simply clone the system onto a client’s servers.

All our clients are allocated a dedicated project manager from the start of the project until the system is properly up and running. We also provide all the knowledge needed to ensure all team members using Sofarm are confident in using all parts of the solution together.

All clients are provided with a bespoke solution that is suitable for their exact needs. Our solution is not a one-size-fits-all. We have many years of experience and work with each client to define their goals and recommend the appropriate combination of tools that will get them their desired results. Our ultimate goal is to provide everyone with the best solution for their requirements and one which will deliver results that will surpass all expectations. All our clients can count on us for a great all-round service and our renowned professional 24/7 support. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or to request a free consultation.



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