3IQ Corporation’s $1.45Bn Bitcoin Fund is all in pursuit to be listed in NASDAQ Dubai

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The pioneer manager Dalma Capital will operate a native offering that is all poised to generate a $200Mn subscriptions.

The Manager of global first Bitcoin Fund will be trading on a core Exchange and is all in pursuit to get listed on Nasdaq Dubai.

Post attaining an approval out from the Dubai Financial Services Authority, 3iQ Corporation, that’s listed the Bitcoin Fund ETF on Toronto Stock Exchange within April, the preceding year, forecasts to commence trading fund in Dubai within the prevailing quarter.

The Chairman as well as Chief Executive of 3iQ, Frederick Pye, stated out that: “We’re aiming for listing in the second or third week of May and trading by the end of May.” He as well as Listed out that the fund on a Middle East exchange will also help in terms of trading times, as Bitcoin trades for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mr Pye also stated out that: “3iQ and its lead manager Dalma Capital are targeting initial subscriptions “north of $200m” for the Nasdaq Dubai listing.”

With an overall $15Million Assets, the Bitcoin Fund commenced out the Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange the preceding year. As according to the firm’s website, as of the preceding Friday, it had an accumulated net asset worth $1.45 Billion.

Part of this is due to Bitcoin’s unbelievable run-up in value during that time-period. In the 12 months post the fund’s launch, Bitcoin augmented almost eight-fold in value from just over $7,300 to more than $57,000.

Dalma Capital, based in the Dubai International Financial Centre, will now commence a roadshow that will encompass about three weeks of education and marketing of the fund, counting a presentation by the Winkelvoss twins, cryptocurrency fans who provide custody services to 3iQ via their Gemini platform.

“However, they can be upsurged as per their size as well. They anticipate it to be a core offering.”

Last week, the global biggest cryptocurrency hit an all-time high above $63,000 subsequent the successful listing of shares in Coinbase, the global second-biggest cryptocurrency exchange by volume. However, a sell-off over the weekend driven by uncertainty over a potential US regulatory crackdown on cryptocurrencies strapped its value back down to $54,806 on Tuesday at 8.12am UAE time. Bitcoin now has a market capitalization of in excess of $1 trillion.

Zachary Cefaratti, the Chief Executive, further added that: “Following that, a further three-week book-building process will take place where it will court investors looking to subscribe to the offering. That process will be taking place with us alongside some other institutions that have strong reputations in this region.”

Mr Cefaratti, further added up that: “Early-stage negotiations have generated enthusiasm, specifically from banks and wealth managers who have clients that are concerned in Bitcoin but who have not been able to offer direct reserves through existing exchanges due to regulatory concerns.”

What we’ve witnessed is that there is momentous pent-up request. There are a lot of investors who feel like they’ve missed out on this huge progression of wealth that has occurred in the upsurge of Bitcoin.

“Over the preceding 11 years, Bitcoin has been adjudged as the best-performing asset class in nine of them. Individuals in this region have felt like they’ve been on the sidelines because they haven’t had access to a product. The concern some people have had is whether it’s too late. But what we’re seeing is it’s still very early. Institutional adoption has only just begun.”

A large number of regulators across globally have sustained to express regulatory concerns about Bitcoin as well as few of the unlicensed funds utilized to promote cryptocurrencies. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has forbidden trading in cryptocurrency derivatives, while Turkey the preceding week banned their utilization entirely. India too is also reportedly considering a veto.

In the US, at least eight applications have been filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission to list Bitcoin exchange-traded funds by managers including Fidelity, Wisdomtree and First Trust/Skybridge, however, none of them have been approved. A Bitcoin Investment Trust run by Grayscale Partners, which is not exchange-traded, now has in excess of more than $40bn of assets under management, for which it charges a 2 percent annual fee, potentially generating $800m a year for the company.

Bitcoin ETFs “require to come”, if only to diminish the fees investors pay to access the cryptocurrency via a regulated platform, Charles-Henry Monchau, chief investment officer of Geneva-based digital bank Flowbank stated it out.

The preceding week’s listing of Coinbase initially offered out it a $100bn market capitalization, greater than New York Stock Exchange owner International Exchange ($68bn) and Nasdaq ($26bn), However, a sell-off since has concentrated its value to about $66bn as of Monday.

“The enthusiasm for the company shows that institutions are beginning to take cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology on which they are built more seriously, Mr Monchau argued.” The Binance exchange has already tokenised Tesla shares allowing for round-the-clock trading, he added.


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