6th Edition World Financial Innovation Series: LIVE – ASEAN

7 – 8 April 2021

From the launch of a US$2 billion programme to support the growth of green finance in Singapore to making Indonesia push to build an inclusive digital economy, navigating the new digital era effectively is one of the biggest challenges for the Southeast Asia’s financial services industry in 2021.

Recognising the huge FinTech potential in the ASEAN regions, Tradepass is hosting an exclusive virtual conference, 6th Edition World Financial Innovation Series: LIVE – ASEAN on 7 – 8 April, 2021.

Under the theme, ‘Revolutionizing Banking and Financial Services in ASEAN’, the virtual event is bringing together 1500+ Technology and Business Heads from 200+ leading Banks, Insurance & Micro-Finance institutions across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are attending the LIVE event to engage and explore a wide range of new-age-future-tech solutions curated for the growing BFSI sector.

For more information regarding the event, kindly log on to https://asean.worldfis.com/ and for more information regarding the Media Partners, log on to https://asean.worldfis.com/


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