7 Ways to Drive Brand Exposure for Small Businesses

Brand exposure is a marketing term which pertains to a level or degree the consumers recognize a product by its name. Exposing your brand is the first step in introducing a new product or reviving an older brand. The purpose of brand exposure is to ideally include the difference that distinguishes your product from its competitors.

Measuring “brand exposure” can be difficult, thus, any brand should learn to increase their exposure in order to reach more customers. Having your brand exposed to a wider audience means enjoying the benefits of the value associated with that particular brand that may be famous and carries a positive image. With that being said, a brand is given the benefit of consumer trust and can lead to having customers who are loyal or even actively promote and testify for your brand.

Is it really important to be creative to increase brand exposure? The answer is YES. Creativity and data-backed planning combined is a must for any brand looking to increase market awareness and gain exposure. Strategies that utilize art, excitement and emotion is the right formula that will push your brand into the consciousness of otherwise uninterested consumers. Read on for more creative ways to increase brand exposure.  


The fastest way to raise business branding to the next level is by utilizing social media in all your marketing campaigns. Use social media ads to expand your reach and grow brand visibility. Partner with influencers and social media celebrities with a massive fan base and are a good source of new potential customers. Just by them endorsing your brand could give you exposure to millions of people. It’s like having open access to a directory of hundreds of millions of potential customers in a single package.


One SINGLE bad customer experience can do major damage to a brand. Those who experience such will surely vow to never have anything to do with a brand responsible for a bad experience. The worst part is when they tell their friends about it who have the same buyer persona and will add up to the fire of bad customer experience. To prevent these things from happening, always go the extra mile to provide your consumers with the best customer experience. That satisfaction will be embossed in their mind and they will turn to be your promoters.


Partner with other brands who share the same values, mission and vision to get more attention and increase brand exposure. They can be local or international companies that you want to be part of and support. This can be a good exposure since teaming up together brings a very special marketing campaign and promotion.


Emotional branding has taken on a whole new level of Advertising. Majority of consumers buy on emotion and justify it with logic. Brand exposure based on values and emotions, especially in marketing, creates camaraderie with customers. In some ways, emotionally seducing your target market is the key to making a brand great – not its relevance. 


Learn the value of Public Relations. Public relations or PR are increasingly about communicating credibly with key audiences who affect business results, such as media analysts, policymakers and policy influencers, customers and shareholders. It is an important element in supporting the power and value of an organization’s brands to all stakeholders.


What is a Virtual Presentation? Creating  a virtual presentation by  a self-running slide show that includes a voice narration or attending online invitations to promote your brand are also considered best tools to boost brand exposure. This is in a way different from the power of social media since this one is about the owner of the brand promoting virtually and not using celebrities or groups for endorsement.


While we believe that nothing outside online marketing matters, offline marketing campaigns, such as direct mail, print materials, billboards, posters, brochures, branded handouts and other tactics can truly help you increase brand exposure. More often than not, enterprises forget that, despite living in the age of the internet and smartphones, traditional ways of advertising still exist and offer platforms for showcasing a brand’s consistent identity.

To sum it up, this article undoubtedly stands that the strongest ways to boost a brand’s exposure is by having satisfied customers who are eager to be a living proof for a brand via online reviews or other platforms which aligns closely with their own identity, and clearly defined their brand language. 

Above all, the greatest aim of any brand is to reach the highest level of customer promotion. The hierarchy of success comes from the will to expose a brand to as wide and receptive of an audience as possible. This of course requires creative brainstorming working hand on hand with valuable data collection and analytics. Most importantly, brand exposure requires a strong brand identity to make it easier to choose which creative solutions could be the perfect fit.

About the Author:

Kat is a Molecular Biology Scientist turned Growth Marketing Scientist. During her free time, she loves to write articles that will bring delight, empower women, and spark the business mind. She loves to bake but unfortunately, baking doesn’t love her back. She has many things in her arsenal and writing is one of her passion projects.

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