A $37.2Mln funding round accumulative investments raised by Saudi-based B2B Marketplaces

Image Credits: - Image by Tumisu from Pixabay.com

Within the Series B Round two competing Saudi Firms Sary and Retailo assisted by VentureSouq and Shorooq Partners have together raised cumulatively $37.2Mln fund investments, wherein the former has raised alone $30.5Mln and the latter has raised $6.7Mln within the seed round.

This also depicts out a robust sign of the advanced interests that has been upsurging in the growing interests within the territories budding start-ups.

Sary had raised a whopping $30.5 Millions within the Series B funding seed round powered in by the VentureSouq as well as alliance with latest investor firm the US backed Rocketship.vc and STV, the Sary firm stated in a press release recently. Prevailing Shareholder firms Ra’ed Ventures, MSA Capital and Derayah too backed the funding rounds.

In a separate press release announced in tandem alongside the Sary’s the Riyadh-Backed Retailo has also raised a staggering $6.7 million within the seed round powered in by the prevailing investors Shorooq Partners as well as UK Private Equity shop Abercross Holdings. The firm Retailo was founded in by former Careem’s Executives have now raised $9 million post being operative for just nine months.

Sary plans to have an optimal utilization done for the funds to grow biologically and develops the services it offers that also is including the credit provision. It currently holds a more mature business off from Retailo and was founded in 2018, the other firm just lighting up the territory. Both the firms offer platform for connecting smaller businesses alongside the wholesalers as well as the most predominant sector, the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) firms.

VentureSouq Co-Founder and General Partner, Suneel Gokhale, stated in an exclusive press release that; “Core to VentureSouq’s overall fintech thesis is the emerging trend of embedded financial services. In Sary’s case, we see this move into credit as directly contributing to top-line growth, diversifying revenue streams, and improving unit economics for a strong, proven vertical-specific technology company.”

CEO of venture-capital investor Wamda, Fadi Ghandour, stated in his statement, the preceding month, “that there seems to be huge spike of energy, for raising funds to assist and nurture digitalized start-ups within the Middle East territory, despite the threats looming around building up a Valuation Bubble.”

Mr Ghandour stated Bloomberg Television exclusively that; “Since the pandemic advancement, the whole digital ecosystem which we were predicting to happen within ten years actually happened within a couple of months, so everything digital is growing exponentially. Everything that is digital is exploding. So, lots of new money and lots of new start-ups.”

He further also added that; “There is so much new money coming into the market. Sovereign wealth funds are starting to invest, and they are seeding a lot of VCs and so I think yes there is a little bit of a valuation bubble.”

The biggest treaty was by Riyadh-headquartered buy-now-pay-later platform Tamara, which upstretched $110 million in a Series A round powered by principal global payment processor Checkout.com.

Facilitated by that transaction, Saudi Arabia surpassed the list in terms of quantity and worth of start-up investments for the initial time ever. As according to data from Wamda, the preceding month in April, 44 start-ups across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) territory had raised more than $175 million, and which was $5 million more it achieved during March.


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