A Deal had been signed between EDB as well as Dubai’s Beehive for powering out the SME Financing

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  • EDB’s Dh30Million Fund will be offered to the Emirates lifeline and major industry leaders-the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) by the Beehive firm.
  • The State-Owned Lender, the Emirates Development Bank (EDB), had signed and agreed for a consent on an agreement with the Dubai-aided Beehive for powering out the funding aimed for Small and Medium-sized enterprises within the significance of the sectors in UAE.
  • The Chief Executive of EDB, Ahmed Al Naqbi, stated it out that, “The collaboration with Beehive is part of our mission to bridge the funding gap by offering SMEs greater and easier access to financial sources.”

Emirates Development Bank (EDB) was founded during the year 2011 post merger happened between Emirates Industrial Bank as well as Real Estate Bank. Its primary objective is to offer Dh30 Billion for the financing over the forthcoming five years for aiding in UAEs efforts to in excess of double the overall size of their industrial unit within 2031.

It will fund businesses like the healthcare, infrastructure, food security as well as technology and aid in the production of 25,000 employment opportunities.

The founder and Chief Executive of the Beehive, Craig Moore stated that; “The addition of institutional investors to Beehive will give SMEs more secure financing and better liquidity on the platform, which means that funding can be received faster too.”

As according to the statement, a far majority (Hundred) of SMEs in the territory are an anticipated to take an assistance due to the latest partnership.

As part of the deal, Beehive, the peer-to-peer podium will offer loans to “creditworthy” SMEs powering to develop their operations or progress working capital via Dh30 million ($8.16m) of funding assigned by EDB, WAM described it on Sunday, quoting a statement by EDB.

The Beehive platform utilizes the scheme of crowdfunding to link SMEs with investors who are observing to finance such ventures. Small industries or start-ups usually promote the finances via the crowdfunding to commence the latest ventures or safeguard the progression capital to upsurge scale.

The global crowdfunding market is appraised to triple to $39.8bn in 2026, from $13.9bn in 2019, as according to Statista research data. The concept, which got initiated in the US, is in advance of the adhesion in the GCC too.

EDB also signed two distinct agreements with RAKBank as well as Commercial Bank of Dubai this month to allocate the credit guarantees and contribute in co-lending programmes to small and medium-sized enterprises in priority sectors in the UAE recently.

“The EDB strategy aims to help SMEs to access finance and grow their business, which should boost their contribution to UAE’s non-oil GDP to over 70 per cent by 2021, besides enhancing in-country value, productivity and employment,” the statement stated out further.


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