A report predicts that Saudi Arabia’s renewable sector could generate up to 750,000 jobs within 2030 bringing some respite during the COVID-19 Pandemic period

As according to a study carried out from US-Saudi Arabian Business Council, its predicted that with the expansion of renewable energy sector in Saudi Arabia hitting all new highs, it leads from the front by creation of best opportunities viz up to Seven Lakhs Fifty Thousand Occupations during the next decade within 2030.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hugely targeting in for deriving a 7 percent overall electricity output with aid of the renewables within 2030. The US-Saudi Arabian Business Council stated that within 2030, Solar power is all set in for accounting for a majority (77 percent) of overall renewables. Cleaner Energy capacity is in pursuit to surge to 5.3 gigawatts within same period.

Albara’a Alwazir the council’s chief economist stated that “the kingdom has mandatory to prioritise sector for its core economic planning as well as allow for continued foreign investment attraction, so as to achieve its medium- to long-term renewable energy objectives.”

During the starting of this year, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced a third of its round of a renewable energy programme, that’s core support is to expand a total of 1.2 GW of the Solar photovoltaic power capacity to the grid.

It further added that “overall ongoing Investment levels within this sector has surged and created a huge expectation level by the creation of more than 7 Lakhs Fifty Thousand jobs in the next decade and renewables to be the top priority arena. With the whole shift for safeguarding as well as support for a much sustainable ecosystem, manufacturing foundation to be localised to provide for most of the employment opportunities within the arena to 40-45 percent within 2028 and beyond.”

The kingdom is also touted as the founding member for Opec, largest global exporter for Oil, hydrocarbons and reserves. The kingdom in order to safeguard as well as strengthen better greener ecosystem has taken an initiative by shifting away from traditional fossil fuel backed system for generation of electricity to expansion of renewable energy as its utmost priority for power generation to free up more crude for export.

For overviewing better expansion of Solar-Wind initiatives, the kingdom’s ministry for energy and resources, have established up a Renewable Energy Project Development Office in 2018.

According to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy, Within the next ten years till 2030, it is offering to add up 60 gigawatts of clean energy measurements to the national grid with support of an ambitious renewable power strategy. Of the overall 60 GW, 40 GW will be generated from solar photovoltaic plants, 16GW from wind turbines and 2.7GW from concentrated solar power.

In the Al Jouf region, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is all in pursuit of developing an overall 400MW initial ever and innovative Wind scheme and this mega project is awarded to Abu Dhabi’s Masdar as well as EDF, reaching financial close last year.

However, on the onus of COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, The US-Saudi Arabian national Business Council, pointed out that the kingdom’s bold renewable energy programme ought to remain delayed due in conformity with mission cancellations stemming from the economic fallout.

Covid-19 Pandemic is probably according to postpone the finished timeline for tasks tendered underneath the second renewables round by means of another year, provided the pandemic is bought beneath control.

The council stated that “The negative outcomes over the pandemic over the renewable energy zone has brought on delays into the resolution over prevailing bids for spherical pair about NREP’s [National Renewable Energy Programme] auctions. The closing determination because spherical pair used to be predicted in imitation of take place between April 2020 but was once delayed.”

Similarly, an 850MW IPP wind energy initiative to that amount is the part of the third round of NREP was anticipated to issue invitations to groups in accordance with pre-qualify for bidding to deliver the scheme in April.

“However, like hold been no bulletins involving the entities that hold been choice in imitation of the subsequent round. Saudi Arabia has therefore some distance allocated 270 billion Saudi riyals (Dh264.4bn) to help the non-public zone navigate Financial challenges related in conformity with the pandemic.


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