A Year on Year resounding 10.6 percent Upsurge in the Ecommerce business and Retail Arena in case of Dubai based Jafza Economic free zone for 2019-2020


Despite the ongoing health-virus-economic scare and the sudden turmoil faced by both native as well as global economies, Jebel Ali Free Business Zone (JAFZA) has recently recorded a 10.6 percent year on year growth with a total accumulated trade value worth AED37.6 billion for the year 2019-2020 in the retail and Ecommerce business arena.

The Jebel Ali Free Business Zone (JAFZA’s) retail, Ecommerce Arena, as well as general trading sector has over in excess of one thousand corporates from over Ninety-six global nations. Out of the Ninety-six corporates, Middle East comprises of around in excess of 39 percent, followed by Asian supremacy with 30 percent, European territory at 15 percent, North America at 9 percent, 7 percent from Africa and just 1percent from the Oceania region.

Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and managing director, DP World, UAE Region and CEO of Jafza stated that “During the May 2020, the Ecommerce business arena witnessed the issuance of record number of licenses in the UAE and as well the initial five months witnessed a huge upsurge of 300 percent for consumer services demand in Ecommerce service Arena.”

In altogether, the Jebel Ali Free Business Zone (JAFZA) is inhouse employing in excess of over 10,000 individuals, who and all operate across varied facilities spread across a staggering near about two million square meters.

Al Muallem further stated that “This makes it quite obvious that the consumers purchasing demand have found a new leash of methodology for meeting their needs or wants, and as well its quite evident that the amount spent online has catapulted and they are leveraging this shift in behavioral trend with proven evidence from data sources pooled.”

Al Muallem noted up to expectation current health-virus-economic scare has precipitated a variation between client buying habits, including a flourishing thrust towards digitalization regarding operations yet destruction patterns. “DP World has delivered Manasah, an online podium targeting retail in the UAE then the Digital Freight Alliance together with its global imprint, an internet marketplace because of small in imitation of average sized enterprises. We at Jebel Ali Free Business Zone (Jafza), are in pursuit to toil closely with our clients and retailers to assist transfer theirs stores between on-line platforms.”

In March, as much the current health-virus-economic scare started in accordance with spread, DP World, the proprietor about the Jafza, introduced a “Jafza Customer Support Initiative” whereby such had slashed its prices for current license registrations yet state costs because of agencies meanwhile working within the unrestricted quarter via 50-70 percent.

“Moving on, similarly research need in conformity with be done in method according to evaluate or layout a rebound of the financial system retaining in mind to that amount online shopping is a natural progression and is in modern times a part about almost each consumer’s life. We extrapolate greater respect concerning technology-enabled options so nicely making sure protection throughout the furnish chain. The rebound may absorb half time, however whilst waiting out, imperative increase of the supply chain needs in imitation of stay into place to attain again customer confidence.”

In summation after facilitating profession below one alone “Dubai Trade”, Jafza additionally allows existing commercial enterprise proprietors in conformity with pray because of extra licenses, working them twin enterprise license owners. Last month, as like employees commenced in accordance with reply in accordance with their offices, Jafza stated to that amount such would lead a significant disinfection program across every its facilities. The place protected because of inner fumigation as well as disinfection concerning buildings is around 3.3 million square meters, equal in accordance with 462 football fields.


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