According to KPMG Saudi Arabia has the potential to become a green financial hub for emerging markets

As per KPMG International Global renewables head, Saudi Arabia has all the potential as there are a lot of opportunities for there are lot growth expected as green investments are all set to surge up.

   According to words as stated by Michael Hayes, global head of renewables, KPMG International, “The Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) has all the marked potential for being touted as the central hub of green finance for emerging markets, thus getting in huge economic and commercial benefits to the economy.”

    He also stated that “the amount of the surplus finances required for supporting in the energy transition is enormous and hence this is the primarily the reason why the new area is known as green finance and that has off late emerged in the past few years delivering key deliverables like green bonds and green insurance products. Over the upcoming 20 years, the majority of expenditures would be in renewables in the emerging markets and here is the kingdom’s chance for proving its mettle on creating a center for green finance for emerging markets.”

   The primer goal of the Saudi Government intends for attracting a surplus of $30-50 billion in the latest investments into renewables within 2030. Its other main objective within 2023 is for provisioning of around a 9.5GW of solar and wind capacities.

   The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) predicts that almost $148 billion are going to be needed annually till 2050 to satisfy the goals of the Paris agreement and limit world temperature will increase to 1.5°C higher than pre-industrial levels.

   Given these investment projections, Hayes stated that he believes it’s an absolute necessity for GCC governments to take a position in renewables, which is one of the key goals of governmental visions across the GCC.

  He additionally stated that “Middle Eastern countries are quite aware of their robust dependence on fossil fuels to drive the economic process, creating it essential that these economies diversify as shortly as possible.

Hayes stated that “Unlike fossil fuels, the truth is that renewables is enforced in each single a part of the globe and thus there’s obscurity close to the maximum amount reliance on physical location and also the security of offer is a smaller amount of difficulty.”

He additionally stated that “Renewable generation represents a perfect path to do that and over a period of time, I expect to ascertain Saudi Arabia and alternative GCC nations for taking a number one role within the growth of renewable energy across the region and even into Sub-Saharan African continent.”