African Open Sky: The Juggernaut of the African Skies

The feeble safety and security regulations, lack of proper infrastructures, restricted connectivity, the dearth of effective training, and unnecessary government intervention are few of the problems the African aviation industry is facing. AOS CEO, Mr. Max O. Cissé, is striving hard to obliterate these problems and pave a path for African aviation into a new world of connectivity and accessibility.

Mr. Max O. Cissé was recently recognized by IBM and presented with two awards for his dedication and commitment towards the success of AOS.

The African aviation industry was, in the past, in need of rapid transformation to prevent the collapse of the entire industry. It was in desperate need of drastic measures to prevent that from happening.

African Open Sky (AOS). Founded by CEO Mr. Max O. Cissé in 2009, AOS is now Africa’s largest flight support company.

Heralded as one of the most trusted professional aviation service providers in Africa, AOS works closely with the different Civil Aviation Authorities in Africa. Headquartered in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast, the company deals with all facets of the aviation industry, from private and corporate to commercial entities. AOS’ roster of services includes private, corporate, ambulance and commercial aircraft clearances such as overflight and landing permits, ground handling activities including transport, hotel accommodation (Hotac), catering and all other services in connection with ground handling activities like refueling, flight planning, computerizing ATC and weather Notams.

The firm operates out of over 50 offices—Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, to name a few—the length and breadth of Africa one in the UAE and AOS’ aims to have complete functioning offices in all countries in the continent. AOS is a licensed operator in all the countries it operates in and as a result, has forged direct relationships with the authorities. As a result, it does not have to deal with any third-party organizations, making it much simpler to operate while at the same time, reduce costs significantly.

This process of direct dealing has had a great impact on the African market and has equally made the firm accountable to all the entities and legal authorities involved, giving AOS a lot more control over how it runs its operations. This can be seen in the growth of the African Aviation industry in the last year alone—while other agencies have garnered a growth of 30%, AOS has seen traffic increase to a staggering 45%. AOS is able to reach such heights by constantly delivering services with consistency and fast turnaround times.

The firm has also received recognition from the likes of IBM for the passion, dedication, and innovation of Mr. Max. With his excellent management skills, Mr. Max was able to successfully climb the ladder in the African aviation industry and his continued pursuit for excellence and progress is what propels AOS to new heights. Mr. Max has received several prestigious awards as recognition for his contributions to the industry.


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