AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics have always been feared as more than a threat than an opportunity. As per the myth “Artificial intelligence, Robotics has been shown as one of the destructive forces and not as constructive force”. As well it has been specified that the world will be taken over by Robots and the human race will be evicted completely.

Though this possibility can’t be ruled out completely, as off now Artificial Intelligence (AI) market coupled with Robotics is a boon as this technological advancement would reap in a lot more benefits as stated by World Bank, like

  • Creation of New Job Markets demanding high skills and eliminating older/less competent jobs amongst different regions, marketplace, Industry wise etc.
  • Increasing efficiency, improve the cognitive behavior/skills, better coordination amongst team members, complex problem-solving techniques, and most importantly improve overall communication.
  • Artificial Intelligence and robotics will also build up a talent pool of futuristic leaders through advanced training modules, brainstorming sessions, on-site simulation training to face real-time issues deteriorating productivity at workplace.
  • There are a lot of sectors specifically government sectors like Power, crude oil, Automotive production units especially in UAE, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain and Oman which have been functioning on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data mined projects.
  • Hydrocarbon alternate means of oil and power production is highly concentrating usage of Artificial Intelligence and Big data in Abu Dhabi based National Oil Company.
  • It also leads the workforce to learn different skills and have a skillset pool thus giving an added advantage to the Industry giants to utilise such skilled workforce in future rather than languish behind others in a team by holding on with the same job for years.

As quoted by Mr Badar Al Olama, chairman of the Organising Committee for the UN-backed Global Manufacturing & Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) and Aerospace and Defence at Mubadala Investment Company whose subsidiary is Strata “Middle East has to capitalise on the tech advancements, develop and invest a lot in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and set of Algorithms to compete, drive UAE with global world economies like China, UK, USA etc.”

World Bank and KPMG associate report quote that although UAE, Saudi Arab, Bahrain, Oman, Muscat have produced high rated skilled engineers, the University grads make out to a whopping 30% of unemployed youths thus making it to top of severe concern list. So, to make them competent amongst growing and dynamic labour market, re-skilling as well redefining them is the biggest challenge faced by most of the Middle eastern regions.

The report also underlined that while the MENA (the Middle East and North African) region has highest mobile penetration market, it suffers however from the development of the broadband, data mining service-based industry thus pegging it back in surging the core digital finance, banking sectors.

This also takes a heavy toll on overall bandwidth per patrons (10 in 100 occupants) as well on the business entities.

Limiting these pointers, it proves that AI and Robotic technology will bring in an en-mass job revolution and thus it is a boon.