30 December 2020 – Dubai – As normal life begins to resume after the COVID-19 lockdown, Al Wegdaniyah Transport Solutions is switching from fossil fuel to Neutral Fuels biofuel for the fleet of buses it uses for staff transportation services and mall shuttles. Al Wegdaniyah, which has an enormous fleet of vehicles, has been serving the rental and leasing needs of corporate UAE for more than 10 years.

Mohamed Lashin, General Manager of Al Wegdaniyah Transport, said, ‘We maintain our leadership position by adopting the latest technologies, not just in our vehicles but in our operations too. In this case we’ll be using a very modern fuel to support our client’s wishes to reduce the carbon footprint of their road operations.’

Al Wegdaniyah clients include Emirates Airline staff who are collected and delivered across Dubai 24×7. They also run shuttle buses for shopping malls such as Nakheel Mall and The Pointe, and hotels such as Palazzo Versace and Jood Palace.

Karl Feilder, CEO of Neutral Fuels, said that Al Wegdaniyah was to be admired for its carbon-saving initiatives. ‘They have put many initiatives in place to reduce the road transport carbon footprint of their clients. These include using more fuel-efficient vehicles, optimizing trip planning to reduce the number of routes and empty trips, and teaching fuel efficient driving practices. Now they’re making their most significant change by switching to biofuel.’

This is in line with the energy-related sustainability goals the UAE has committed to achieving by 2050: cutting CO2 emissions by 70% and increasing clean energy use by 50%. Feilder said that using net zero biofuel is the quickest and easiest way for any company to radically reduce its carbon footprint.

‘Biofuel immediately reduces greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. If companies with transportation fleets gave up fossil fuels in favour of clean green biofuel, this would have the maximum impact on reducing CO2 in the environment,’ he said. The change is very easily made because switching from fossil fuel to biofuel requires no modification to diesel engines. It also has a positive effect on engines because its lubricating properties help prevent premature wear and failure. It even acts as a detergent in fuel systems, removing sludge deposits which improves efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.


Karl W Feilder, Neutral Fuels

+971 50 188 6508 (UAE)


Neutral Fuels is the winner of the 2020 ADIPEC Company of the Year Award in ‘the Solutions to Climate Change’ category. For almost a decade, the company has pioneered net zero biofuel in the UAE, the clean, green renewable fuel which immediately reduces transport carbon emissions to zero, enabling organizations to stop contributing to climate change. The company’s fuels are surrounded by bespoke technology including an embedded AI engine, handheld apps, and IoT sensors, enabling customers to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Today, Neutral Fuels is the largest producer of biofuel in the Gulf region. Headquartered in Dubai, the company operates from recycling facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Delhi serving customers such as McDonald’s, Nestlé, DSV, Del Monte, Emirates Airline, ENOC, ADNOC, and many others. Neutral Fuels was the first company to achieve ESMA certification (UAE.S 5023:2018) and its fuels are compliant with the European Standards EN 14214 and the American Standards ASTM D6751.


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