Amidst better wider economic recovery on full throttle mode Dubai touches 10-Year high in the Consumer’s Confidence

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  • Majority (An absolute 84%) clients are having absolute confidence regarding a definite progression of the Dubai’s Economy within a year as well as 91% have thought focus regarding the Job prospects will be arising.
  • Since 2011, the Dubai’s Consumer’s Confidence Index had touched its peak level within the second quarter with the Emirate’s economy endured to be back on the recovery mode from the COVID-19 Pandemic on the brink of impetus measures as well as swiftest vaccine drive.
  • Consumer confidence upsurged to 151 points within the second quarter of 2021, progressed from 125 points recorded within the initial period the preceding year, Dubai Media Office stated on Tuesday, mentioning the Department of Economic Development’s state-of-the-art Consumer Confidence Index report.
  • The Middle Eastern Commercial as well as trading hub, Dubai had viewed a recovery within the core economic arena like tourism as well as real estate over the preceding few months following the knockout to the global economic turmoil raised due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Chief Executive of the department’s commercial compliance and consumer protection sector, Mohammed Lootah stated out that; “The latest consumer confidence index, which shows remarkable improvements in consumer perceptions in Dubai during the second quarter of this year, reflects the growing momentum of broader economic recovery.”

As per the department also known as Dubai Economy statistics, Seventy-Five Percent Clients entrusted out and have a positive vibe regarding the employment market, that was just 32 percent during the similar period during the preceding year in 2020.

A close to an absolute majority (around whopping Ninety One Percent) clients also stated out that they are really optimistic regarding finding out an employment prospect within the subsequent 12 months, comparatively to just around 75 percent within the same period the preceding year.

The Dubai government had revealed impetus packages worth Dh7.1 billion ($1.93bn) since the occurrence of Covid-19 to backing the economy, businesses and public. The emirate’s economy is anticipated to progress 4 percent this year, bestowing to government estimates circulated in December.

Dubai Economy stated out that; “The recovery seen in tourism and commercial traffic as well as [an] increase in advertisements appeared to be the factors driving positive perceptions on the economy.”

A staggering Eighty-Eight percentage of the clients had their trust intact with the clear-cut intention that it is the perfect time and right mix of time frame to procure the possessions as per their requirements and fulfilling their objectives, that was comparatively lower at fifty one percent the preceding year. Women power had constituted a whopping Ninety-three percent of the clients opting out for newer buying prospects.

The data amassed is utilized in order to progress policies to channelize the private sector to fulfil and meet the estimate demand. The department did not offer details on the figure of individuals surveyed. The index is directed quarterly to appraise in the clients’ expenditure habits and their insights about the economy, private finances and job prospects.


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