Arab leaders urge youth power to be at the forefront of Development

Secretary-general of Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit. Source:
  • As stated by the two Middle East leaders at the Arab British Economic Summit in London, the younger generation has an unrivaled understanding of new technology.

Two eminent middle east leaders in the Arab British economic summit in London, have urged the Arab World for tapping up and supporting youth power to press on with the development and prosperity of the Arab League as global leaders.

Arab league’s general secretary Ahmed Aboul Gheit, stated that “A strong demanding young brigade to work more was always there and needed immediate attention to be met.”

Whilst as stated by Gulf Co-operation Council chief Abdullatif Al Zayani, believed that the “technological advancements amongst the Arab youth meant that they were better placed reaping out the benefits.”

Mr. Zayani stated that the “young and growing population” has become “a real quality to our region”.

“If our societies can harness the energy and resourcefulness of our teens then they’ll lead the Arab region into a spirited new world with technologies and prospects we have a tendency that couldn’t have dreamt of a couple of years ago, however which of them are of secondary nature,” he stated.

Mr. Gheit stated that there was a “strong demand for employment” that was “so pressing” for Arab societies to maneuver forward.

Mr. Zayani also stated that it absolutely was important to instill in young men and women the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership, and also the data of science and rising technologies.

“Only then can their nations be ready for competing globally during this new era,” he added.

Both men underlined the importance of sustainable development, with Mr. Zayani expressing it absolutely as one amongst the foremost pressing problems impacting everyone’s lives.

Despite some rifts within the GCC, he also stated that the bloc’s vision remained the same: to reinforce prosperity within the political, economic, social and security fields.

The London summit operates with the intention of “a shared vision”.

Both leaders as well stated that the Arab region and also the United Kingdom had abundant knowledge to be shared with one another, with Mr. Gheit expressing Brexit given an exquisite chance for “Britain to boost in their hands”.

Mr. Zayani also stated that “solid co-operation was crucial within the areas of defense and security, and within the cooperative effort to combat radicalization, blackout illegal exchange trade in narcotics and human trafficking.”

Mr. Gheit, in short, touched on water shortages affecting the tertiary of the Middle East throughout the summer months.

He also accused Israel of “preventing Palestinians from enjoying and victimization their water,” specially mentioning water underground. The Arab League’s chief conjointly claimed that Israel was preventing farmers in the utilization of water for agriculture within the Golan Heights.