Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a promising global investment opportunity or it is not?


The current machines are all enabled with the latest technologies that aid them for performing cognitive functions related to sensations, concept as well as right intent.

Alan Turning during 1950’s (in his seminar paper called ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’) stated that “Can a Machine have thought process like humans?”

It was initially the prime occurrence of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, long before the term finally came into existence and was coined. After a long periodic time, frame that was marred by disappointments, conditions have now turned better for the AI technology for delivering on its preliminary promises, for which the credit goes to: –

  • Huge surge in computing power.
  • Explosion of Data generation as well as its collection.
  • All the advancements within the Cognitive sciences.
  • Significant surge within data scientists trained at universities globally.

Due to all this reasons, the major technologies currently enable the machines for performing cognitive functions that are related with Sensations (With aid of Sensors); Concept (With aid of deep learning) and as well as with the intent (with aid of inference).

In fact, we are engrossed in the world of Artificial Intelligence, so much so that it engulfs us. For an illustration: – On a day-to-day basis, we utilize them even without having a time to give a serious thought process about them anymore: Google searching the algorithms, Alexa as well as Siri in particular being our voice commandants for assisting daily lives, and Netflix, Spotify aiding as well as determining the wide taste as well as preferences for the Film and Music.

In simpler terms Artificial Intelligence is the science of self-learning algorithmic software that can execute the varied tasks that otherwise can typically be done by Human beings. Over a period of given timeframe, these set of machines are better equipped in order to execute better decision making, aiding ourselves to devote better time for higher-order think-tank process.

Artificial Intelligence is in the meantime enabling better personalised medication then remedy plans in healthcare. Facial, sound and fingerprint sensors are becoming greater time-honoured as like well.

It is considerable as this outperformance has widened considering mid-2016, coinciding along the time now that became possible in accordance with actually become aware of partial agencies based totally over the artificial Genius theme. In the future, we believe there will lie increasing communication on listed groups regarding synthetic intelligence.

Even within the finance, AI evolves in imitation of these subsequent levels. Special indexes hold been manufactured because of that permanent trend: The STOXX AI has in the meantime generated large outperformance (vs MSCI World) because its open give up on 2013.

As investors, we recommend our role in distinguishing into hype then fact yet among growing then perception as like in conformity with where sum AI may in reality make a contribution to the partner value. At ODDO BHF Asset Management, we have hooked up a funding technique to that amount combines AI or our long-term knowledge among quantitative stock management.


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