As per the study revealed by Willis Towers Watson, the overall global net worth of the InsurTech investment touches out a record $2.55Bn during Q1

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As per the Media Reports and latest data compiled from Re-Insurance Broker Willis Towers Watson (WTW) group, it has depicted that the overall progression investment within the InsurTech arena has touched up its latest quarterly elevation point of $2.55 Billion within the initial quarter of 2021.

This has included eight mega rounds, that has more than in any-further three months’ time frame, as founded by the analysts and that has totally accounted for more than $1.3Billion funding.

The major funding rounds were finished in by Next Insurance, Coalition, Zego, Sidecar Health, Pie Insurance, Clarify Health, Corvus Insurance Agency, and TypTap.

The current prevailing cumulative total also has progressed in by 22% relatively better as comparatively to the fourth quarter (Q4) the preceding year, during 2020, while the overall discrete dealings number swelled in 42% progression than the previous quarter.

The overall funding within the initial quarter remarkably depicted an overall upsurge of 180% as comparatively to the first quarter during 2020, that had suffered out huge plummeting all due to the grave issue and fears of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As per the survey done and the subsequent findings from WTW, investment was powered primarily via property and casualty (P&C) engrossed firms, which characterized 69% of deal share.

Additionally, WTW reported that Q1 was the most geologically diverse set of initial-staged start-ups in a single quarter, comprising of 24 nations including Bangladesh, Estonia, Brazil, Nigeria, and U.A.E.

The global head of InsurTech at WillisRe, Andrew Johnston, stated that: “The record level of activity this quarter reflects our industry’s ever more widespread willingness to engage and adopt technology, which continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.”

Johnston further added stating out that: “Technological innovation gains ground only when a community emerges to support it, and COVID-19, more than any other factor, has rapidly accelerated the change that was already well under way. COVID-19 has helped strengthen the narrative, and demonstrably illustrate the results technology can deliver, which are now being achieved at scale.”

“That stated, the solutions presented by InsurTechs must make intellectual and commercial sense to their target clients, whether they’re insurers, brokers, or insurance buyers. For them, the technology itself is the minimum motivating part of the initiatives. Unfortunately, a disappointment to comprehend these realities, in addition to the overall struggle of entering our industry as a blossoming commercial, means that many InsurTechs will most likely never accomplish the grandeur of their aspirations.”


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