AsiaPay: The key to a Peerless Payment Gateway Solution

“Technological evolution is the result of our own desire to lead a better life.” This statement was made by the author of The Art of Looking Into the Future, R.S. Amblee. In fact, technology has made our day-to-day life so much more manageable, which we can currently witness in the most delicate sector of our subsistence, finance, and banking.

One such innovative technological breakthrough was the introduction of the integrated payment platform or gateway by companies around the globe. AsiaPay, a unique Hong Kong-based fintech service provider, takes pride in providing a secured and advanced integrated payment platform that has a user-friendly monitoring system that suited for merchants on managing their eCommerce ’s transactions.

It’s offering simple and easy analyzing of data on all the transactions through its payment system, PayDollar. With these Big Data, merchants are able to plan their promotion, inventory more efficient, thus, increasing productivity and revenues helping merchants to be one step ahead in competitions.

The AsiaPay team started as a Hong Kong-based firm that has an integrated payment solution. Since then, its vision of business development has been seen throughout the years. With its over 15 operating offices across Asia countries, its payment platforms namely PayDollar, SiamPay, and PesoPay are providing merchants’ eCommerce businesses a secures and digitized cash flow.

As Mr. Max Ng, Associate Director, Sales & Marketing of AsiaPay, notably mentioned, “We prioritize users’ convenience through seamless and secure payment processing during their online shopping. Our top-notch security systems include 3D Secure system, certified and granted PCI-DSS level 1 Certification since 2006, tokenization services and multi-layered anti-fraud monitoring system that grant both merchants’ and consumers’ cashless transactions to be in high security and fraud-free.”

AsiaPay’s unrivaled years of ePayments expertise has delivered multi-lingual and multi-currency payment features to its international users. It also offers a wide range of ePayment consultancy for merchants, banks, and other PSPs in Asia since 2000.

Max also stated, “Our company offers a wide range of alternative cashless payments like debit and credit card, eWallets (QR payments) and cash payments over-the-counter (OTC).” AsiaPay’s payment gateway features and services come to a step closer to a more advanced and digitized economy and merchants can facilitate users to have multi-payment options on a single platform.

AsiaPay caters its simple, fast and secure check out features to all its merchants’ eCommerce and mCommerce platform that enable consumers to complete their ePurchases through in-app payments in just a few clicks.

AsiaPay performs both offline and online transacting payment service provider. The company has adapted to the ever-changing and fast transacting FinTech industry. It’s over 19 years of experience in the field somehow relates to accepting digital payments from a mobile device just like the eWallet cases for HSBC in Hong Kong. Other than online payment services, AsiaPay’s payment solutions also cater for offline services through its’ SmartPOS system and devices that cater to retailers.

Overall, AsiaPay has over 150 employees across the 15 operational offices across the Asia Pacific. Therefore, AsiaPay able to have and build up a considerable payment network across Asia to support merchants, banks, and other PSPs.The company also aggressively it’s developments focusing on other fintech solutions such as AI, Biometric, and blockchain. AsiaPay’s aiming of becoming an Omni-payment solutions & technology provider that help the growth of merchants and providing seamless and secure eShopping experience for consumers.

Through these innovative services and features, merchants can bring digitized and convenient offers to their consumers in the eCommerce industry. AsiaPay will uphold its reputation as the leading payment gateway and solutions in the Asia Pacific and continue to bring regional, advanced, comprehensive, integrated, and secure services toward the future technological generation.