Bahrain adjudged the best amongst ecosystems for Female Start-Ups

  • This is the topmost news as according to this year’s Global Ecosystem Report, 18% of the top-notch start-ups in Bahrain and even better than the Silicon Valley are empowered by women prowess. It does sound great, right?
  • This report is conjointly powered with the support of StartUp Genome in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, which stated that a staggering 18 percent of the start-ups were powered by Bahrain’s Ecosystem, followed by Silicon Valley at 16 percent and London at 15 percent.
  • The report as well complimented efforts produced by Bahrain in establishing itself as amongst the top 10 ecosystems to be certified by Fintech amongst Europe and Middle Eastern Tertiary and as well acknowledged top 15 ecosystems for the affordability of qualified talent worldwide.

According to words stated by Khalid Al Rumaihi, chief executive of the Bahrain Economic Development Board, “This exclusive report drew the attention and the best collective views amongst people known to best entrepreneurs and founders.”

Thus, leveraging their best expertise in making Bahrain emerging as global leaders in the flexible as well as among the top ecosystems, especially amongst its core strength relying on Fintech.

Bahrain has emerged as the most dynamic and diverse market at the head of new trends paving the way for a dominant society and business operating system and is powered by both female founders and women taking leadership roles in this ecosystem.

According to words stated by Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, chief executive of Tamkeen, Bahrain’s Labour Fund, “In the past decade or so, Bahrain’s start-up ecosystem made a great significant progress paving way for a synchronized system where start-ups can have access to a global network of partners to scale up and capture opportunities in Bahrain and the region.”

As per Janahi, a staggering 59 percent of women workforce have served as a part of Tamkeen’s microfinance support, and an equally 50 percent takes reigns of the business development program, offering a co-financing service covering 50 percent of the overall machinery and business equipment.

Leading feminist Bahraini start-up founders include Hala Sulaiman and Ameera AlQubaiti, co-founders of Alrawi, a lucrative audiobook start-up and Pitch@Palace world 3.0 People’s selection 2018 winner.

Furthermore, Bahrain’s Al Waha Fund of Funds, a $100 million fund established by the Bahrain Development Bank, has an all-female leadership which makes it’s first of the kind in Bahrain’s Ecosystem. Thus, Bahrain has come a long way amongst all Middle Eastern tertiary by having a flexible and dynamic all-female start-up ecosystem taking it even forward from its counterparts Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.