Bahrain to commence the 5G Services Launchpad within June

Coming June will be historic for Bahrain, as it would be ready to roll out its commercial 5G services and would be making it available on all pending consumer handsets as well other equipment.

According to Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed-The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, “all initial regulatory hurdles to fulfil 5G implementation process, have now been cleared by TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority), and licensing and spectrum allocation deal to be given green signal within Mid-April.”

This paves the way for smooth processing of final rollout plans of commercialised 5G networking module in the kingdom within June.

He also points out that, mobile operators throughout the region have already received orders in to roll out the 5G networking infrastructure plans successfully.

He also adds that “Bahrain’s leadership in 5G reflects its trust as well the indomitable appetite for creative, innovative and dynamic spectrum for the most transformative technologies in the world.

Although, the initial hurdles were enormous, and ensuring a smooth flow to the spectrum availability was a big challenging task. However, jubilance of overcoming it was even sweeter as it does exemplify the support and cooperation amongst all stakeholders in Bahrain.

Mr Mohammed also stated that this proves how quickly and efficiently Bahrain has moved in to deliver the enormous progress against quite challenging and rapid timeframe to be amongst the elite league of Technological leaders.

He also stated that Bahrain successfully held the commercial trials for 5G Technology in Bahrain during June last year itself and if not for the initial yet tough challenging hurdles by TRA, Bahrain would have already been into 5G Spectrum.

The Minister for Transportation and telecommunications also stated that Bahrain does not want to lag behind the Middle-East technology leaders UAE, and Saudi Arab. As the Bahrain government understands the significant benefits of owning 5G Spectrum viz. Enables high end data transmission volume at much improved and high speed without any hiccups, support interactive AI, virtual reality interface for improved and high-end video streaming as well as being a great hit among gaming enthusiasts as it supports AI, robotics, virtual reality gaming platform.

He also adds to the point that the 5G network in Bahrain would also integrate the disruptive technologies like Blockchain, IOT (Internet of Things), and even cryptocurrency module for enhancing Banking and Finance arena.

It also will digitalise all core Industries thus being a significant source of an economic progression. This in turn according to him would also be a significant factor for a complete digitalised and safe payment module.