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As a reliable financial partner, Shinhan Bank has been offering millions of customers with comprehensive and effective financial solutions, including loan products with various facilities, attractive interest rates, that facilitate customers to be proactive in all personal financial plans at all times.

Higher potential for credit growth

Vietnam is considered a financial market with enormous potential for expansion of credit market with increasing demand for consumer loans, home loans, car loans and loans for other purposes.

The data provided by the Ministry of Construction indicated a fact that by 2020, the needs for housing in big cities is increasingly urgent. Vietnam has now entered the period known as the “golden population structure” with 70% of the population at working age and high potential for economic growth. It is expected that the housing segment for families would see a steady growth about 20% per year in cities with the world’s leading urbanization rates such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Many people who are in need of having their own residence house are struggling with financial issues. Therefore, using finance leverage with loan packages from banks to own a house might be a right solution for many families.

Similar to the demand for home loans, needs for car loan is also significantly increasing. Vietnam is now a developing country with a dynamic economy and year-on-year income growth. There are more and more people now are in need of buying cars for more convenient and safer travel. The number of customers using car loan from banks with preferential interest rates accounts for a high proportion.

Additionally, a high proportion of young population with increasing income is one of the forces that drives the demands for shopping and consumption. According to data from the State Bank of Ho Chi Minh City, the portion of consumer loans Ho Chi Minh City saw a 14.3% growth by October 2019.

Key loan products offered by Shinhan Bank

To meet the increasing credit demand, Shinhan Bank has enhanced the research and development to launch various loan products with many facilities and attractive interest rates that customized to individual needs, including home loan, car loan and consumer loan.

For home loan products, Shinhan Bank offers three loan interest options, giving customers the flexibility to arrange loan repayment plan that is appropriate to their available financial capacity. Customers can actively select one of three loan packages with the interest rate of 7.5%/year (fixed for 12 months), or 8.3%/year (fixed for 24 months) or 9.4%/year (fixed 36 months). The interest rate applicable to home loan by Shinhan Bank is considered to be the best loan interest rate in the market now, compared to the rate applied to similar loan limits.

For car loan products, Shinhan Bank also has four interest rate options, including 7.8%/year (fixed for 12 months) or 8.6%/year (fixed for 24 months) or 9.5%/year (fixed for 36 months) or 10.5%/year (fixed for 60 months). Additionally, Shinhan Bank also offers a further 0.3% discount of interest rate for customers receiving income through bank transfer income, and an additional reduction of 0.1% – 0.3% interest rate for loans to buy car of brands affiliated with Shinhan Bank such as Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mercedes – Benz and those distributed by Thaco or Honda.

Shinhan Bank offers consumer loan with loan limit up to VND 500 million to meet various personal financial needs from wedding, travel, overseas study to house renovation and other essential needs. The consumer loan interest rate at Shinhan Bank is only at 1.16%/month (applied to loan package of VND 300 million or more).

In particular, customers who are teachers or bank employees also enjoy preferential 2% discount on current interest rate. In an effort to accompany customers in all financial plans, Shinhan Bank will continue to improve the facilities of its loan products and offer competitive interest rates in the market. At the same time, the bank also applies flexible payment options for principal and interest, while improving loan procedures to create facilitate fast and effective loan disbursement for customers.


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