Blockchain Initiative paves the path for a future council in Dubai

New council to debate projected legislation to expand the implementation of Blockchain technology in numerous sectors in the city.

The Dubai’s Future Foundation (DFF) has shaped the Dubai Future Council for Blockchain, that will be headed by Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, director general of the smart Dubai.

The council is the component of the Dubai’s Future Councils initiative, launched at the start of 2019 by Arab chief Hamdan bin Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, crown prince of the city, chairman of the City’s Executive Council, as well the chairman of DFF’s Board of Trustees.

The council is created of fourteen members from numerous government and international entities and mentioned the projected legislation to expand the implementation of Blockchain technology in various sectors, government services, and private entities at its initial meeting.

“The Dubai’s Future Council for Blockchain offers an outstanding platform to explore challenges and notice innovative and proactive solutions to form certain Dubai ready for the longer term of significant sectors within the Blockchain era, and for the opportunities this technology provides, that we have a tendency to hope to harness within the close to future and create Dubai as the smartest city in the world and a regional and world Blockchain hub,” as quoted by Bin Bishr.

“We are going to be operating to advance Dubai’s digital transition through a series of solutions and tools, most notable of that being Blockchain technology,” she has added on in the statement.

The Dubai’s Future Council for Blockchain is about to carry four conferences p.a. to stipulate plans and kind task forces to hold out the duties moreover on following abreast of existing Blockchain initiatives and projects.