Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd wins ‘Most Innovative Technique-Oriented Company Taiwan 2021’ from International Business Magazine

Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd Awards Logo 2021

International Business Magazine has acknowledged Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd with the title for its innovative digital interactive solution that enables one of the fastest convergence in the E-Commerce sector.

Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd, a Taiwan-based digital services provider, has been awarded the ‘Most Innovative Technique-Oriented Company Taiwan 2021’ by International Business Magazine for its innovative ideas and technology solutions.

Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd has acknowledged the rising prospects of the e-Commerce industry and with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has made great strides in the live-streaming e- Commerce business model in Asia. The popularity of ‘See now, Buy now’ concept is evident when it has become synonymous with the live-streaming e-Commerce model.

Created in 2013 and popularized across China in 2015-16, the technology allowed audiences to watch live and purchase products they are interested in immediately. As per reports, the whole shopping procedure only takes 15 seconds from placing an order to making payment.

Through its own live-streaming e-Commerce platform, called ‘ishowlife’, Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd has held more than 18,000 live sessions. Due to its patent, Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd is the only company in the world that can use the ‘See now, Buy now’ technology on Facebook, Twitter, Line, Wechat and Whatsapp.

Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd has revealed that its interactive video technology has won praise from Google. Today its customers include Fox Movie, Dentus X, ZenithMedia, PILI Puppet Show and Bazaar. The award ceremony for ‘Golden Bell Award’ had incorporated its technology.

Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd is currently working with local enterprises to build up Ishowlife Southeast Asia platforms through patent licensing and providing professional training to local influencers/KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) to speed up the development of Live-Streaming eCommerce in Southeast Asia. Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd hopes to serve more than 300 million people in 2021 and aims to make Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd the leading Live-streaming eCommerce brand in the world.

Responding to the award from International Business Magazine, Yi-Chih Lu, the founder and chief inventor at Bravo Ideas Digital said, “We are pleased to receive this honour for our innovative solutions in e-Commerce sector. Instead of copying and localizing the foreign technology, we strived towards something indigeneous and that proved to be a real game- changer for us in the APAC market. ‘See now, Buy now’ has not only encouraged more online shoppers, it has also inspired the brick and mortar store owners to sell their products online.”

Talking about the winners, Ujal Nair, Editor for International Business Magazine, said, “We take pride in honoring such an esteemed company and it is only our privilege to bring the spotlight on such innovative solution providers. Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd is one of those companies that sets a new trend as well as successfully garners a huge following.”


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