Capital Bank announces new Visa card solutions


Capital Bank, an Institutional and Consumer banking products and services provider, has announced the launch of Visa corporate solutions for Corporate and SMEs Companies.

As per reports, through Capital Bank’s Visa corporate solutions, which includes Visa Platinum and Visa Signature Credit Cards, as well as Visa Debit Cards, companies can be able to finance its working capital gaps, facilitate their payment processes, and control expenses by using specific revolving limits for daily operating expenses that include bill payments,  purchases, and covering miscellaneous expenses related to their business, as well as the ability to perform online purchases and payments at any time and with flexible repayment options.

Yasser Kleib, Head of Institutional Banking at Capital Bank, commented on the launch of these cards, saying, “Capital Bank seeks to excel and exceed the expectations of its customers, whether individuals or corporates. Today, we continue to work and build on our previous successes in assisting and empowering Jordanian businesses of all sizes and sectors to achieve their goals without any exaggeration or complexity. To that end, we have collaborated with Visa to enable these businesses to benefit from a variety of banking solutions by launching a set of Visa cards that provide exclusive benefits and meet their needs and aspirations.”

Rajaei Ajjour, Visa’s Country Manager for Jordan, said, “We are delighted to work with Capital Bank in bringing Visa’s solutions to the bank’s corporate customers.  After a difficult year for many businesses, especially SMEs, our Visa Corporate solutions are an attractive proposition for businesses looking to reduce cost and streamline expense reporting both easily and securely. We continue to work closely with our partners like Capital Bank in helping Jordanian businesses access – and fully enjoy the benefits of – the digital economy.”

Capital Bank claims that the new product allows the companies to manage their cash flows and payments through the issuance of subsidiary cards with specific limits for various uses and different departments. Visa cardholders will also benefit from access to VIP lounges at international airports, travel insurance, and various discounts depending on the card tier. With their Capital Bank Visa Debit Cards, companies will be able to instantly deposit funds into their Capital Bank accounts, directly through the bank’s ATMs.

Capital Bank reveals that it provides its Institutional Banking clients with enhanced and individual experiences through an entire range of comprehensive banking services and products, supporting them through innovative and exceptional solutions that allow them to reach their financial and operational goals and targets.

Capital Bank launched its business credit and debit cards for corporates and SMEs in cooperation with Visa to offer easy payment solutions, and enable the bank’s business clients to perform their banking operations in an easier and faster method.



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