Celebrity Mobile to launch in UAE during Expo 2020 offering Limited Edition Collections for Iconic Brands and Celebrities


– strategic association will deliver exclusive memorabilia to VIP associates & hardcore fans.

15th August 2021, Dubai, UAE: Celebrity Mobile to launch its complete range of limited edition mobile and accessories memorabilia during Expo 2020. Known for its technical marketing integration, Celebrity Mobile is expected to deliver a collection of mobile phones and tablets loaded with exclusive content created to capture the best lifestyle experience for fans.

Celebrity Mobile will be first to launch globally their innovative (Smart Covers) augmented reality mobile covers that are active and would be considered one of the New Marketing Mediums of the 21st Century. Expected to attract millions of visitors Expo 2020 is dubbed as the biggest show on earth with a presentation from 191 countries.

“’Connecting minds and creating the future’ through sustainability, mobility and opportunity is at the core of Expo 2020 theme; an anthem that aligns strategically with our own global ambitions. Our Celebrity Mobile Collections criteria meets the standards and quality associated with the nation’s global positioning to lead in innovation as we will introduce our augmented reality technology onto the mobile collection” said Michael Harder, CEO, Celebrity Mobile. “We offer visitors to the Expo 2020 a unique opportunity to own a specially designed phone bundled with exclusive content as memorabilia from the world’s biggest show” continued Mr. Harder.

Launched in 2006 in Germany by Founder and Principal Sherin Yosry, Celebrity Mobile is a marriage between A List Artists / Athletes / Iconic Events & Brands with state-of-the-Art Technology including mobile devices as well as accessories which has emerged as a key player in the ever-changing mobile marketing landscape. Developed to influence change

within the segment, the brand integrates to deliver an exceptional interaction and experience to end-consumers. Injection of exclusive never-seen-before content in this unique presentation makes the product an instant brand/artist memorabilia. Furthermore, its Augmented Reality technology delivers content enhancement thus continuous engagement to build brand loyalty and consumer retention.

“The impact of global pandemic proved that change is inevitable, businesses and marketers must navigate through new terrains to remain afloat and relevant. Only through collaborative efforts brands can drive sustainability, maintain visibility and retain engagement. Corporate campaigns and products must deliver value proposition therefore can no longer be static or sporadic. Social influence is critical for loyalty and increased market share. This mindset is our strategy to deliver unique marketing solutions, create partnerships and achieve set objectives” confirmed Sherin Yosry, Principal SY Communication, Germany and Founder, Celebrity Mobile.

“Unprecedented and unrivalled in both traditional and new media publishing, Celebrity Mobile collection is the world’s first mobile marketing tool defined by complete interaction. Over the years, we have built strategic relationships with athletes and celebrities in the world of sport, music, entertainment, art, fashion, film and culture which largely contributes to our easy accessibility and deliver efficiency” said Sandeep Saihgal, Senior Consultant, Celebrity Mobile.

Celebrity Mobile delivers comprehensive e-business infrastructure with its global online distribution channels. Its exponential margins make the business model attractive for distributors, retailers and affiliate marketers. Centered around a number of projects, marketers are not restricted to any individual activation thus becomes an attractive and profitable venture for investors and sponsors. As world business and economy scales to new

heights of integration, Celebrity Mobile unique sales model allows individuals an opportunity to affiliate and earn lucrative margins. Celebrity Mobile’s collection for 2021 includes Expo 2020, Michael Jackson Opus, Ferrari Opus, Egypt Grand Museum and negotiations are being held with Shah Rukh Khan, Pitbull, Manchester City and Elie Saab.

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A boutique agency based in Dubai, Luxfull Marketing Management is the Regional Based Agency for SY Communications (Germany) and specializes in licensing exclusive content and producing special edition bundles including mobile phones, tablets and accessories for iconic brands and some of the most reputable Artists from around the world. Customized services and unique marketing strategies are value-building efforts aimed to expand sales channels and enhance brand equity. Its founders are first movers in celebrity branded digital products (Ferrari / Amr Diab / iPod Special Editions) providing unique marketing and social media promotion with financial revenue and profit opportunities.


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