CEO of Kerten Hospitality to speak at the Future Hospitality Summit (KSA)

“Adaptive re-use of space, flexible real estate models and community focus will support a rebound.”

RIYADH, October 26: Collaboratively setting new industry benchmarks, creating destinations that seamlessly integrate innovation within mixed-use projects, with the aim to empower the localness and deliver value to investors, will be crucial for the market rebound and the recovery of hospitality, says Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality – a global hospitality group. She is one of the speakers at the Future Hospitality Summit (FHS) KSA held on October 26-27th.

Organised by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism and the G20 Saudi Secretariat, the forum will witness global leaders debate the pressing topics for the industry today and the role of innovation in the hospitality space – a topic aligned with Saudi Vision 2030. In a panel, in addressing adaptability in the New Normal, Marloes will focus on the roadmap for disruptive brands that look at flexible space models as monetizeable assets with the lifecycle of projects in mind.

Marloes said: ”Mixed-use projects with different components that offer innovative hubs for work-play-sleep and eat within lifestyle destinations. Redefining the changes of how people choose to live, work, socialise and meet to collaborate will propel a Rethink of commercial and residential spaces that combine multiple components within a larger ecosystem. Looking at short and long-term stay complemented by a working space, health and wellness options, retail as well as Food and Beverage will be essential for the recovery of our industry that continues to battle the storm on way to recovery.”

Spaces that de-risk investments, ensure project longevity and bring shareholder return will be at the heart of projects globally. With a line of smart infrastructure projects like Qiddiya, NEOM, Amaala, and the Red Sea project, Saudi Arabia – the regions’ largest economy is well positioned to pioneer the global direction. For such futuristic examples of brand collaborations, project size is not if essence. They demonstrate the real estate evolution that emerges to meet the changing demands for community build.

More on the opportunities and the potency of this strategy hear from Marloes during the session on October 26th at 17:00 KSA. More details on the summit:   

About Kerten Hospitality

Kerten Hospitality is a global mixed-use services and projects operator, known for disrupting the industry by Rethinking Space and delivering win-win partnerships and brand collaborations that benefit owners, investors and consumers. The global hospitality group tailors experiences as part of transformed lifestyle destinations that combine branded residences, serviced apartments, luxury and mid-market hotels, collaborative fully serviced workspaces, gourmet burgers and F&B concepts with a focus on Ecosystem and community build. 

A division of Kerten, an Ireland-based investment vehicle, Kerten Hospitality manages a portfolio of 11 owned brands including Cloud7 Hotel and Residence, The House Hotel and Residence, The House Residence, Ouspace – a co-working and business club concept, Frikadell – a tech-driven gourmet burger with more F&B brands coming down the pipe. 

With the ultimate goal of ‘shaping the future for better living’, Kerten Hospitality’s dynamic team comprises a select group of highly-connected international experts who share a common desire to deliver change in communities around the world. The team are corporate disruptors, rebel hoteliers and food enthusiasts with hospitality pedigrees from well-known brands.

The international hospitality group’s pipeline currently includes 4,050+ keys, and some 20, 000 sq. m of co-working serviced offices, over 200 Frikadell stores, a variety of F&B concepts in projects across the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and CIS.


Instagram: @kertenhospitality


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