Digital Banking Environment got boosted up by the ADIB

Image Credit: - Image by Pabitra Kaity from Pixabay

Abu Dhabi’s Islamic Bank (ADIB) had broadcasted that it would be enduring to boost up the Digital Banking Prospect with a host of the fresh resourcefulness as the banks endure to witness huge adoptions as well as utilization of their digitalized services.

Within the initial half of 2021, ADIB had witnessed a 30 percent upsurge within digitally dynamic clients. Prevailing circumstances, proved that the Bank have around 7,00,000 digitally provisioned clients, that also displays out a record 70 percent of clients who are operative within the daily or on weekly basis.

Digital embracing in corporate banking has also comprehended a major rush, with Wholesale Banking Group’s daily dealings embracing a high of 21,000 in June 2021, on behalf of a 95 percent upsurge over the same period the preceding year.

Around 90 percent of corporate dealings are accomplished digitally, up from 60 percent the preceding year. Similarly, the Business Banking department logged 56,000 dealings in June 2021, up 27 percent year-on-year. Around 92 percent of these dealings were resolved digitally, up from 75 percent the preceding year.

The Head of ADIB Distribution Channels, Samih Awadhalla, stated, “With our digital banking ecosystem, we are really showing what is possible when technology meets financial services. Our teams have worked tirelessly to bring the best digital banking services and tools to our customers and ensure they have everything they need at their fingertips – enabling them to make easy and simple financial decisions. And it’s working. Our recent numbers highlight how fast digital adoption has been across our retail and corporate segments.”

He added: “Our digital transformation journey does not stop here, and we are in fact doubling down on ramping up our digital offerings and capabilities. We have a number of initiatives due to be rolled out in the near-term such as paperless branches and a brand-new banking app.”

ADIB had been operating upon a set of fresh digital schemes which are due for rollout in the subsequent six months. ADIB is beginning a branch paperless approach with the aim for restoration of more than two million papers by the cease of 2021 as most of the dealings in branches will shift out to digital.

In accumulation, the bank has been arranging AI technology for the clearance of the cheques with now 400 cheques per day being cleared without any human communication which the initiative to have 65 percent of cheques cleared digitally by year end which will have an effect in operational competence due to declining of cheque dispensation time, better risk administration and fraud inhibition. Other prospects together with the banks’ chatbot programme endures to evolve, with major promotions being advanced to ensure it can provision cases across ADIB’s digital banking ecosystem. The client-facing chat bot has manufactured satisfactory learning now to resolute around 85 percent of enquiries.


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