Doge Zilla has begun to storm Crypto Platform


We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and recently Shiba Inu which has already done over 26000x in gains, however, as per the report a new stealth launched meme coin by the name of DogeZilla has been taking the crypto space by storm. The developer, 9ZEROES, started the token back months in August, Launched Midday of Oct 21, 2021 as per the report with a super microcap of only $50,000, DogeZilla claims that it has quickly gained traction across the Binance Smart Chain Network with over $19.30M in volume over the course of 4 days. It States to be one of the fastest gainers and fastest growing tokens to date with over 33,000 Holders, triple the size of their main telegram community.

As per the report DogeZilla was recently listed on Coin Market Cap on Oct 24 and quickly worked through the ranks at an unprecedented rate. Some believe it to be the next Shiba Inu or how they like to call it, Shiba Inu Killer. According to the report Doge Zilla’s volume for Oct 24, 2021 cleared over $8.47M, surpassing the combined volume of Baby Doge & Floki, as well doubling that of Safe moon’s volume, according to Pancake swap pair volume analytics.

According to the DogeZilla white paper and references cited, “In 2019, a total recorded of $4 billion USD were stolen from millions of investors worldwide and expected to grow if security is not tightened at 30% growth rate, scams can also be expected to grow to a staggering $19.3 billion USD by 2025.”

According to the white paper of Doge Zilla “Vault is a rigorous security platform that digs deep into the developer’s track history, wallets, projects, social network accounts, scam scanning, investigate previous projects & contracts, fraud detection in bank accounts and all details of the developer running the project. It is what we call a complete security platform for privatize doxxing.”

It is clear to see that the token’s utility use case has a deeper purpose and mission than what meets the eye of a cute dog meme coin. As per the report among Vault, the developer plans to explore and increase future project scope developments of NFT marketplace, Wallet, and even a Play-To-Earn (P2E) game with rewards due to community demand and Other future projects include TRIBE, DOGEVERSE, ZILEX, KROSS and FOLIO which the developer 9ZEROES has not revealed too much details regarding the future of DogeZilla.

In accordance with the report whatever the case may be, whether DogeZilla will dominate the crypto space as it has already proved in the first few days of launch or whether it will one day overtake the giant Goliath Shiba Inu by market capitalization, remains unanswered but the speculation is quite entertaining.

DogeZilla Vault Beta version for Developers is expected to be released at the end of this year in Q4 of 2021 as per the report.



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