DP World is positioned as one amongst the top historic employable places globally

Image Credit: - Image by Arvid Nilssonn from Pixabay

A leading core global provider of the logistics solutions, DP World, had recently stated out that their Head office in the Dubai, UAE had been positioned as one amongst the topmost places to operate to work post an independent analysis as directed by Great Place to work Middle East.

Backed on the direct feedback from the workforce, and offered as the part for an extensive as well as from an anonymous survey regarding the overall workplace experiences. A global research, training as well as the consultancy firm Great Place to Work, optimize as well as recognize the topmost offices within over 60 nations globally. Its Institute is a global authority in the creation of huge operations and high trust culture firms.

The Chief People Officer, Maha Al Qattan stated, regarding the core acknowledgement that, “The head office certification means we are now certified on five of their lists joining our colleagues in Argentina, Peru, India and Brazil, and this means we enter the highly competitive pool on their global list which will be announced in October. We are proud that our head office is now certified by Great Place to Work, and we are committed to a great workplace culture. A total of 77 percent of employees responded to the survey and provided useful feedback, and 91% of them said they regard DP World Head Office as a great place to work.”

She also added and further explained out that, “Some 98% of the participants feel this is a safe place to work. There were expressions of loyalty, optimism and hope, that all bodes well for our future. At the same time, the employees provided clear thoughts on how to make DP World better.”

The Firm’s Group Chairman as well as the CEO, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, stated out further that, “As I have said in the past, I have a great deal of passion for DP World. We have risen to the challenge of the pandemic and kept trade flowing, and our spirit and desire to do better things for our industry and this world remains intact.” He further as well as added out that; “I will do everything I can to move DP World forward by ensuring we are one of the best managed companies in the industry and continue to provide a great workplace environment for all.”


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