Driving Digital Shift for enhancement of the Middle East resiliency post-Pandemic through Etihad Aviation Group as well as Al Dahra


There is no doubt that the global Pandemic is motivating firms for acceleration of digitalized shift for aiding a powerful economic flexibility as well as competitive endurance, from global pioneers like Philips, Etihad Aviation Group, Al Dahra, as discussed at the fresh Procurement Reimagined, an SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) virtual event for gaining, Supply chain, as well as external workforce management professionals.

Incorporating the United Arab Emirates (UAEs) national airline Etihad Airways, Etihad Aviation Group has adopted SAP Ariba solutions for consolidation of procurement operations within an effort for curbing negotiation cycle time, enhance user experience as well as introduction of E-Invoicing with the suppliers. With the first Nine E-Auctions, the firms achieved a double-digit cost savings, pointedly condensed its overall vendor count, as well as have awarded the business to more native suppliers, aiding in to stimulation of native economy.

Al Dahra, the global-pioneer Agribusiness, requirement storage choices for grain in desert conditions for aiding UAE’s food security. Post its sourcing requirements being scrutinized and posted its sourcing requirements on SAP Ariba Discovery, Al Dahra received within under three days 142 enquiries from suppliers across the globe. An online auction created a cost drop of 15 percent.

Cassie Mackie, the Vice President of Sourcing as well as procurement, at Etihad Aviation Group stated that “the prevailing global pandemic has enhanced their overall execution regard their digitalized transformation strategy for aiding their expansion, improvise their resilience within their supply networks, as well as in advancement of their social as well as environmental strategies. As well as they have received ample support from SAP Ariba Solutions that has driven their efficiencies, transparency as well as in processing a good governance.”

Mohammad Saker, the Chief Corporate Services AL Dahra Group stated that “With the aid of SAP Ariba, they can swiftly run and access 160 E-Auctions from primary time frame of January till September! Their chief suppliers have to become hugely qualified as well fortified for utilization of the platform. It’s a better and flexible path for ensurance of better governance, as it has too enabled them for adjusting them working from home within the initial stages of business till date without hampering the relationships and more importantly business!”

He also further added that “One of the vital reasons why they have chosen SAP Ariba was due to the robust power it has on its network- wherein it has huge capacity for sourcing its suppliers from varied nations which is quite unique. As well as for them, its quite significant to do that on regular basis specifically on a strategic level. It provides a huge assurance in getting aid for them to comply upon the emerging demands of the business.”

SAP’s President for Middle East, Africa, as well as Southern European territory Claudio Muruzabal, stated that “With Middle Eastern territory faces a definitive demand-supply-chain interruption and transition within the consumer oriented demand, the Etihad Airways, Al Dahra as well as Ahli United Bank are signifying how the rapid digitalized shift phase off could contribute in ensuring a safe survival as well as thriving of the businesses not just within the Pandemic period, however, even beyond.”

Claudio Muruzabal further explained that ““SAP’s Gaining Reimagined event is supplying a global platform to display how Middle East establishments are optimally utilizing the SAP’s innovative gaining technologies to become Intelligent Enterprises that are more robust, competitive and sustainable.”


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