Dubai Internet City to expand its tech talent to 40 thousand talented personnel


Dubai Internet City Executive stated that the Golden Visa as well as other significant reforms are core for a knowledge-based economy.

Dubai Internet City is having a determination on continuation of being operational as a native hub for technology as well as innovation and its primer objective is for having 40,000 tech talents operating within their space within the forthcoming few years.

The Managing Director of Dubai’s Internet City (DIC) as well as the chief  of the in5incubator module Ammar AL Malik stated that: “the latest announcement regard the ‘golden visas’, as well as ten-year inhabitants, will be permitted for an outstanding tech-talent, alongside other laws that were announced over previous few months, as a positive initiative towards expanding the innovation within Dubai.”

AL Malik within the latest GITEX Conference, held in Dubai, stated that “They will continue further to centre their participation within the tech exhibition this year regarding the core role technology played in getting the nation via the Pandemic. He further has as well addressed the coronavirus toll that it had during digitalization adoption within the territory.”

Ammar further stated regard the Innovation Hub, the Business Park within the Dubai’s Internet City Freezone, being the primary centre for the tech as well as innovation progression within the territory.

What are the Innovations that will be forthcoming through Dubai within 2021?

Being tougher to answer as well as venture which particular innovation will be forthcoming out, they are already on the verge of the ball running within the particular route.

The conclusion that he is stating is that despite all momentum being done despite the Pandemic, the Mergers are taking shape, firms are expanding, as well as investments are taking shape at swift pace. For an Illustration: – The Merger between OLX groups, Owners of Dubizzle, as well as Dubai-backed Emerging Markets Property firm happened within June, within COVID-19.

They’ve been noticing somewhat that’s been happening for the preceding two years and that’s how businesses are building their own innovation centres. So, innovation centres are opening to come out of Dubai Internet City as well and they are no longer just workplaces to operate in.

He further elaborated that he knew regard certain cases where individuals fly in R&D talent or engineers in command to progress certain products from Dubai that will go on sale in about other parts of the globe. This specifies that they are gradually developing and that they are contented to view it going down that road.

This didn’t halt during this time so he expects this thrust to remain. In fact, what could happen is that investment establishments or family trades who were in a particular revenue base will invest more in technology now than they did before coronavirus because they realise there are prospects in the technology field.

He thinks, generally, the cybersecurity, E-Commerce and Cloud Computing will endure to become core. There are other parts, like the Artificial Intelligence as well as Blockchain, which are also in the picture, but these are more long-term although they are coming for sure.

What is in the channel from Dubai Internet City precisely?

Dubai Internet City has been budding and they imagine themselves to remain to view the expansion in technology, mainly because technology is no longer a choice. So, he does expect Dubai Internet City to remain to play its part as a local hub for technology and innovation.

Their priority is to fascinate the talent. Therefore, they focus on talent because they are the ones who innovate. At present, they have approximately 25,000 people in technology alone at Dubai Internet City. Once their latest project, Innovation Hub, is accomplished, they are expectant that this number to go up to coarsely 40,000.

They have just offered over Phase One, which is 400,000 square feet, so it is already functioning and is within huge demand. The rest of the phases are expected to be finalized in anywhere between five to seven years.

There are certain guidelines that recently came into the representation, one of which is the golden visa for few of the technology-related careers, that are very positive and strong for technology in general and Dubai Internet City.

Can you expand on the part of these rules and transformations in charming talents to Dubai?

You have the Golden Visa resourcefulness that is very, crucial. You have the foreign ownership law which is also very vital because it allows firms from outside to invest in Dubai. This will add worth to their tech ecosystem whether they set up office in Dubai Internet City or not.

There are also the progress markets that NASDAQ was opening up to consent more start-ups to come in and allowing the firms to actually get better finance in which is also very crucial.

Also, we have universities in the UAE that have been set-up definitely for technology. Here, you’re supporting talent and feeding in entrepreneurs to the ecosystem through universities.

When you put them all together, together, they are noteworthy for the trades that are based on the knowledge economy and charming talent. All of these are generally good things that we see shifting and will have a good effect Inshallah in 2021.

How did the coronavirus pandemic influence the embracing of technology for UAE corporations?

Digital transformation is no longer a choice; you have to have a robust existence online on every solitary channel offered to your clients and be manageable anytime, anywhere. The Covid-19 situation put massive pressure on this and, all of a sudden, what was a second or third priority for a company is no longer a choice. However, majority of the firms proved agile and able to transform themselves.


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