During February 2021, Sharjah has registered Real Estate transactions amounting to Dhs3.5bn

Image Credit: - AHMED ABDELFATTAH/Pixabay.com/

The Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department has referred that overall volumes of real estate transactions in Sharjah touched a staggering 1,818 with total net worth of Dhs3.5Bn the preceding month in February 2021.

The Director General of the department, Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al Shamsi, stated that “The overall amount of the business transactions within the emirate of Sharjah touched to 457 that has amounted for 25.1 percent of the overall numbers, while the overall account of mortgage transactions touched around 244, depicting 13.4 percent of overall number. “

The remaining 61.5 percent was for other transactions which stretched to 1,117, he added.

Al Shamsi also added that regarding the total amount of transactions as per the overall property type, the total number of land auctions transactions within Sharjah accounted to 170, while overall account of integral land auctions dealings touched 140, and the number of units traded in towers reached 147 in February.

The official report from the news agency WAM further described that “the Al Rugaiba area was the one which recorded the greatest number of sales transactions with the number 66.”

In February, a foremost real estate procurement deal was determined between real estate progress businesses operating in the emirate, worth at Dhs690m, to create a luxurious residential real estate project in an area of 19 million square feet, he added.

The gathering of women entrepreneurs to invest in the emirate was significant, as the value of funds made by women in the real estate sector reached Dhs1bn in 2020.


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