Egypt Slashed Interest rates for the third time this year as stocks rebound back

  • Egypt being touted as the Arab league’s most populous nation is determined to curb inflation, slowdown, etc. by slashing hard its currency by half during 2016 and continuing it in the current scenario.
  • Egypt has again slashed hard it’s interest rates for the third consecutive time in a year, to seize slower inflation and to attain a stable currency with the rebounding of the stocks that is followed as a result of loud anti-government protests rattling down the market conditions.

Arab league’s most populous nation has been constantly on a mission for bringing down the inflation to be under their control as it has taken steps enduring to tackle the present economic crisis. Few initiatives are listed down under: – 

Devaluing the currency by half in 2016

Slash hard on all subsidies on items like fuel to curb the budget deficit 

Sealing in a $12 billion International Monetary Fund loan. 

As per the Bloomberg based report, Egypt’s Monetary Policy Committee has dropped in the overall deposit rate 100 basis point to 13.25 percent as well, moreover cutting down the lending rate to 14.25 percent. The report was compiled in with the support of 15 of Bloomberg’s analysts who predicted this move and were split on the central bank’s decision. They were also thinking about how much relaxation a bank can afford to handle.

After a pivot to a financial easing in August, all thanks due to a steep holdup in inflation, the MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) is striving hard past last weekend’s unrest and worry of the additional that may return unexpectedly — let alone more significant political risk across the Middle East.

Despite some capitalist backlash that followed, financial input couldn’t be additional timely as endeavor has contractile altogether. With annual urban inflation easing to 7.5 percent, its lowest level since 2013, Egypt still offers invariable income investors, one among the foremost profitable carry trades in rising markets.

Egypt’s pound is the world’s second-best entertainer against the dollar this year with a gain of virtually ten percent. In August, policy manufacturers delivered a cut of 150 basis points in six months and they’re most significant since 2017.