Enhancement of ESG Data Access for the trading community by JP Morgan

The bank is in pursuit of having a collaboration alongside RepRisk for giving access to valuable ESG Risk Data. A pioneered ESG Data Science firm RepRisk is closely associated alongside JP Morgan for offering “Front Office Decision Makers access” for ESG risk data via the DataQuery. The firm offers a lot quantitative risk analytics as well as proprietary metrics for firms across varied arena as well as markets globally.

Executive Vice President Sales as well as Marketing at RepRisk Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, has announced in Media that “They are hugely thrilled for latest addition of DataQuery as it further enlarges as well as evolves its precious access for ESG risk data pool. RepRisk significantly identifies as well as assesses the potential ESG risks, provide actionable market insights for the commerce professionals. Offering their data through JP Morgan’s DataQuery will allow its clients to have an access to whole risk-concentrated data pool for risk management, the portfolio’s optimization, as well as Alpha generation. As well as additionally, it also allows the flourishing momentum of the ESG integration within the market as a whole.”

The joint collaboration within RepRisk as well as JP Morgan will create an improved trading community with quicker access to ESG’s Data. DataQuery is the JP Morgan’s leading multi-asset data as well as an analytics manifesto. The solitary as well as core platform features is regarding the proprietary financial market data pool from Bank’s research as well as trading business.

DataQuery also provides significant time series capabilities, market examining, advanced visualizations and much more to clients. Today, the global scenario is exceedingly data-driven and majority of the global corporations are competing to get a hold on gigantic volumes of data for the future. In this context, it is crucial that data providers benefit from on the prospect to provide the best-of-breed data for clients globally.


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