For Aiding Abu Dhabi SME’s, Khalifa Fund pacts an agreement alongside two corporate giants Microsoft and Etisalat

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A lot of the Entrepreneur’s have registered out along with the fund’s e-Empowerment programmes will receive preferential rights, digitalized aid as well as exclusive trade licences.

An Abu-Dhabi backed government agency, Khalifa Fund for the overall Enterprise Progression in the territory, has joined forces alongside two respective majors in their fields Microsoft and Etisalat to aid in for the Emirate’s Smaller as well as Medium-sized enterprises for their digitalized shifting.

The both giants as well as Khalifa Fund are alliance together as a part of an online educational initiative also known as e-Empower, Etisalat and Microsoft will establish webinars and workshops, and offer privileged rates and digital provision to SMEs in Abu Dhabi.

The statement stated that, “Etisalat and Microsoft will cooperatively host a digital academy that affords informative videos, webinars and talk shows to support entrepreneurs progress their digital volume and online business models.”

Chairman of the fund and the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, Mohammed Al Shorafa, stated that, “Khalifa Fund continues to remain dedicated towards optimally equipping Abu Dhabi SMEs with the required knowledge, insights and resources to digitally transform and becoming highly efficient e-commerce enterprises. The latest strategic partnership between Khalifa Fund, Etisalat and Microsoft is another cohesive effort between industry leaders to further enhance Abu Dhabi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Mr Al Shorafa also stated out that, “Abu Dhabi SMEs who register with e-Empower will receive exclusive trade licences and preferential rates with Etisalat and Microsoft.”

The Khalifa Fund teamed up with Amazon in September the preceding year to provision SMEs in Abu Dhabi. A report from Abu Dhabi Chamber appraised that SMEs account for 98 percent of all firms in the emirate, making them a core pillar of its economy. The UAE capital has declared numerous measures to provision and progress SMEs, including economic relief packages within the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has pursued to appeal more high-tech start-ups and trades to Abu Dhabi as part of its focus on artificial intelligence, agriculture technology, food security and industrialization.

The statement also further added out that, “Khalifa Fund’s e-Empower initiative at present has 1,200 applicants who have their online markets featured across Amazon, and Askhaak.”

The Chief Executive for the Etisalat group, Hatem Dowidar, stated out further that, “SMEs are key to innovation and job creation and are undoubtedly the engine of growth of the country’s economy.”              

The General Manager of Microsoft UAE, Sayed Hashish, too stated out that, “Initiatives like this, driven jointly by the public and private sector and focused on education and infrastructure, are meeting a real need in the entrepreneurial and SME community.”

In the meantime, Microsoft will host digital webinars, counting as well as on the bi-weekly awareness services, advisory sessions and online training, as well as privileged rates for Microsoft 365 software and digital support for sellers, the fund added.


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