For Energy savings in all the commercial buildings AI and Big Data to be utilized progressively

Utilizing upon EP&T technology UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi based Seaside Tower has achieved a remarkable feat of a 29% reduction in the overall energy consumption as well as financial savings of over AED6,26,000 during a year gap.

According to Keith Gunaratne, the founder and managing director of technology firm EP&T, the disruptive latest trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Machine Learning (ML) will be optimum utilized for keeping a tight lapped survey on the overall energy performance of the buildings and in supporting the owners cut costs.

EP&T is one of the premier Energy-based firms specializing in the overall development of energy conservation technologies for the commercial sector and was founded in 1993. Its premier product Edge Zeus-Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also Machine Learning (ML) embedded platform which supports the overall power performance to be audited as well as to be contained with the aid of a mobile device- is deployed in 12 of the most coveted commercial buildings of the Abu Dhabi Financial Group, or ADFG.

Mr. Gunaratne also pointed out that with the proper utilization of this innovative, unique technology for one of the buildings- Abu Dhabi’s Seaside Tower, it has definitely reaped in lot of benefits as it has now led to a 29 percent cut off in the overall energy consumption as well as led to have a cost savings value of around AED 626,000 over an year time period.

Gunaratne also additionally believes that this futuristic technology comprising of AI and ML will largely impact the core real estate market.

He also stated that “they would like to establish a niche in the native market and create ample accommodative environment that would, in turn, be a complete functional solution for the data science for the higher officials”. Gunaratne also stated that “In this particular market, it seems that too typically property homeowners are let-down by technical school suppliers as a result of guarantees have been created and not been fulfilled.”

“It’s vital for purchasers to possess legal guarantees in situ so as to confirm a healthy ROI on technology and information analytics,” he added.

“It is also valuable to customers battling weakened high line growth because of lower occupancy and retail pay, as a result of they’ll improve each operational potency and conditions for tenants,” he said. “Occupier engagement is more and more vital for guaranteeing retention and healthy financial gain.”

Gunaratne additional that he believes there’s “naturally a degree of cynicism” towards such IoT and AI solutions within the UAE.

“This is primarily because of the fact of the many service suppliers not delivering on projected savings,” he said. “We are assured that because the supplier-customer dynamic evolves to shield purchasers at a legal and money level, by guaranteeing results, take-up can accelerate.”

“The UAE is building up to the Expo 2020 for arranging newer steps over succeeding few years,” he added. “This presents a complete challenge, as a lot of individuals associate degreed buildings can contribute to an accumulated carbon footprint. one in every of the core aims of our technology platform is to assist contain that.