For Powering the Nation’s Economy UAE Banks have huge optimism due to government measures


Within this year during 2021, as per the estimate of Bank of America, stated that there is huge optimism with the UAE’s banks as they have provision for robust loan expansion as well as curbing of provisioning rates.

All thanks to the latest government induced procedures for powering perfect pathway for stimulating a robust economic development, as per the Bank of America, the overall viewpoint for UAEs Banking sector is highly optimistic for this year 2021.

On Thursday, in a report as provisioned by Bank of America stated: “However, within a still cautious environment, we view a numerous factor that offer material upside consequences for better earnings beyond a better positive outlook for robust economy.”

The UAE government revamped its profitable firms’ law previous month and withdrawn the necessity for onshore companies to have an Emirati shareholder to draw foreign capital into the nation. It also broadened its 10-year “golden” visa system to appeal to foreign experts and to persuade them to settle for longer.

Sami Al Qamzi, director general of Dubai Economy, stated previously last month, that: “the Foreign Investment is projected to upsurge by within 35 percent subsequent alterations as per the commercial enterprises law. As according to Ministry of Economy, the UAE is also having an objective for upsurging the numerous industries operating across the nations from 3,00,000 to around 1 million presently within the forthcoming decade with aid from the transitions within the law.”

The lender predicts a robust loan evolution and lesser provisioning costs for the UAE’s banks succeeding year as the economy recuperates from the COVID-19 pandemic and the government announces new regulations including 100 percent foreign ownership of businesses, enlargement of the 10-year golden visa scheme and the allowing of five-year visas for an affluent foreign retiree.

Other developments including the standardisation of relations with Israel, the broadening of the Targeted Economic Support Scheme (Tess) to the completion of June 2021 and government strategies to vaccinate the population against Covid-19 will also have an optimistic impression on the banking arena, it stated.

The government’s determination to set aside 100 percent foreign possession of firms will pave the system for significant foreign direct investment, while the 10-year visa and retirement visa schemes will benefit the nation to tackle population decrease, the bank stated.

The bank further announced that: “The declaration of diplomatic affairs with Israel, which we look at battling geopolitical threats in the territory as well as stimulating further economic activity.”

The UAE and Israel stabilized dealings after signing the Abraham Accord in September. The two nations have since signed a series of transactions to foster co-operation in segments ranging from aviation to finance.

The extension of the Dh50 billion Tess loan delay programme will reduce “risks of a spike in asset quality decline”, Bank of America stated.

The Tess scheme was launched in March to aid the UAE’s economy all through the pandemic, offering zero-cost deposit funding to banks as a way of keeping lending flowing to the stronger economy. It was part of an initial package of relief measures worth Dh100bn that also implicated easing banks’ liquidity and capital requirements.

The news about the Covid-19 vaccine advances is “particularly pertinent to the UAE” and will assist in the resurgence of the tourism segment to give a boost to the economy, it stated.

Dubai is intending to immunize 70 percent of its population with the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech by the ending of 2021, Reuters reported, mentioning an administrator from the emirate’s health department.

Dubai-based banks including Emirates NBD and Dubai Islamic Bank are set to aid more than their equivalents in Abu Dhabi due to the resurgence of the economy, Bank of America announced.

“The current framework of economic vagueness has seen ENBD management engage in a path of conservative but judicious provisioning. This policy has concluded in one of the best provisioned banks in the territory.”

Dubai Islamic Bank will profit from the acquisition of Noor Bank and a determination to boost its foreign ownership limit to 40 percent from 25 percent, it stated.

Banks in Saudi Arabia are anticipated to post robust loan growth in 2021, reinforced by “prolonged resilient growth in the mortgage market” and the awarding of chief government contracts correlated with long-awaited mega projects, it added.

The UAE’s economy is forecasted to develop 2.5 percent in 2021, according to the Central Bank of the UAE. Saudi Arabia is anticipating expansion of 3.2 percent following year.

The merger agreement between Samba and NCB in Saudi Arabia “ports tough strategic justification with the capability to create major shareholder value via cost and revenue synergies,” Bank of America announced.


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