For powering up the kingdom’s AI Healthcare Competence Saudi Arabia held a partnership along with Royal Philips

For boosting up the AI healthcare competences the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority combined the powers alongside the Dutch Health technology firm Royal Philips.

On Monday, SDAIA stated in a statement that: the public-private partnership will generate an AI ecosystem to brand the kingdom as one of the most global technologically progressive nations.

The SDAIA’s president, Abdullah bin Sharaf Alghamdi, stated that: “This agreement is part of our efforts to promote advanced technologies in the health field, support expertise exchange and develop national capabilities …[it] will enhance the quality of health services, create new job opportunities and elevate our national economy to become a data and AI-driven economy.”

He also further added that: “Getting every aspect of an AI-enabled solution right, requires extensive collaboration between clinicians, data scientists and other experts … we are pleased to partner with the SDAIA to enable AI across all healthcare facilities in the kingdom.”

As according to SDAIA, The Arab world’s biggest economy-the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s primary objective is in luring the Foreign as well as native investment valued at $20 Billion within the area of AI as well as data within the preceding ten years.

Its latest alliance with Royal Philips will provide emphasis on five core zones: –

  • Connecting AI competences in healthcare on a nationwide scale.
  • Launching an enthusiastic knowledge hub to mature local talent.
  • Empowering latest commercial prospects.
  • Familiarizing solutions that participate technology into clinical workflows.
  • Simplifying knowledge exchange as well as collective research.

The establishments will also accomplish a scientific exchange programme and invest in native training to authorize Saudi Arabia’s data scientists and healthcare experts with the state-of-the-art technologies.

AI-based health technology resolutions have countless potential to progress patient conclusions and the proficiency of care delivery, said Frans Van Houten, chief executive of Royal Philips. This could in turn free up valuable time for healthcare specialists to focus more on the patients.

According to PwC, the AI is anticipated to donate up to 12.4 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product – about $135bn – by 2030. The SDAIA has forged partnerships with numerous establishments such as US tech giants IBM and Dell and China’s Alibaba and Huawei to shape progressive competences in the turfs of AI and smart cities.


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