For progression of Artificial Intelligence in the territory, Egypt partners with Thales

Image Credit: - Ahmed Ezzat/

On forefront of development of progression of native knowledge as well as expertise, Egypt’s Communication as well as IT ministry to team up alongside French firm.

For progressing Artificial Intelligence applications within the nation, the Egypt has linked up alongside the French tech firm Thales.

On Wednesday, within a joint statement as stated by entities, the alliance with Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will aid to mature the local skills, technology, infrastructure and governance mechanisms.

Egypt’s minister of communications and information technology, Dr Amr Talaat, stated out that: This agreement will fast-track the Egypt’s energies to create a digitalized economy.

He further stated out that: “Egypt is keen on adopting and evolving emerging technologies, the alliance also echoes the strategic partnership between Egypt and France in AI, as these scripts the sixth consecutive MoU signed with our French partners in the preceding 18 months.”

Thales and MCIT will also operate closely with native start-ups and establish events to substitute native talents. They will recognize potential projects in ranges such as ground transportation, E-Government, mobility and smart infrastructure to fortify Egypt’s part as a native leader and an energetic global player in AI.

Sherif Barakat, chief executive of Thales in Egypt, stated that “The collaboration puts AI at the forefront of our joint projects, with an aim to provide smart and safe solutions and services for the smart cities of the future.”

Alongside evolving new technologies, Thales and MCIT will discover the possessions of AI on government, jobs, education and the digital divide. They will also deport the joint research on AI ethics and organize businesses to educate individuals about the prospects and risks postured by AI, such as data privacy.


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