For relaxing regarding the COVID-19 blues, majority of Middle East Businesses are turning towards Cloud Platforms

The latest research from the leading Cloud Services firm Rackspace has proven that “Majority of businesses amongst Middle East (in excess of 66 percent) have had to upsurge their tech spending during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

The Rackspace report “Technology Budgets: Managing Shifting Priorities” stated that a majority (68 percent) of businesses further anticipate that the tech spending will further surge within next one-year (12 months) timeframe.

With almost two-thirds (64 percent) of the IT leaders viewing cloud infrastructural project as their topmost priority while budgeting as the Cloud has definitely emerged with the utmost priority with prime focus being modernizing business tactical operations.

As per words quoted by Martin Blackburn, Managing Director, EMEA, at Rackspace Technology, “A lot majority of businesses have found it hard way out during 2020 for their IT systems, resources as well as spend tracking weren’t ready for Covid-19 Pandemic.”

He further stated that “It is overall hugely encouraging for a majority of IT leaders recognize the core cloud play during controlling budgets, intention to follow best practices and the actual knowledge required to do so are different things, and support is often required.”

Cloud technology is also marked as a crucial pathway for cutting budgets, with an aggregated 46 percent of IT enthusiasts in pursuit of purely optimising their prevailing cloud infrastructure as well in excess of about two fifths 38 percent anticipating to arrange innovative and latest cloud infrastructure in order to get in more savings.

Within this year in 2020, the majority of enterprises in excess of 76 percent have pre-planned for shifting their traditional operation base to multi or hybrid cloud or in progress of better cloud-infrastructural based solutions that is in excess of 88 percent. Within the three quarters, there is huge acceleration as witnessed within these planned expansions with 74 and 77 percentage respectively adopting or in requirement to do so.

However, with the steep rise in technology accommodation and subsequent spending, the effective budget control has even become hugely popular, with an aggregated three quarters 86 percent of global IT leaders stating that the Pandemic and uncertain time frame has rooted way for better latest concerns around the budgeting.

The requirement of scaling down 28 percent as well as funding innovative projects 25 percent are another crucial concerned area. However, global IT Leaders are all geared up to acclimatize with the existing and future Cloud-backed technology, for curbing the IT infra spending in future as well as building up a robust IT infrastructure for curbing any threats like COVID-19 Pandemic in almost all sectors globally.


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