For swifter smart City Development, Abu Dhabi in association with Singapore joins forces within forthcoming five years

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For the acceleration of the Smart City Progression Phase within the Emirate territory, Abu Dhabi’s Investment Office has joined out the force alongside the Enterprise Singapore (ESG), a government agency as well as its secondary firm IPI Singapore advocating the overall Emirates enterprise progression for speeding up the overall progression within the Emirates.

Both the firms have agreed to have entered into an agreement, within which the Singapore firms will be able to address solutions for focussing upon the hurdles outlined in via the Abu-Dhabi backed entities.

On Thursday in a joint statement broadcasted by ADIO as well as ESG, stated that, “This will upsurge the collaboration, connect revolution ecosystems and encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise between both sides.”

Abu Dhabi is engrossed on utilization of the advanced technology to progress its non-oil sector in line with a tactical approach to diversify its economy, diminish its dependence on hydrocarbons, lure the foreign investment, drawing high-skilled workforces and create employment prospects in the forthcoming time frame. Eligible establishments will also collect funding from ESG to progress smart city solutions.

ADIO’s director general, Dr Tariq Bin Hendi, was prompt to state that, “Abu Dhabi is committed to continuing the already strong economic cooperation with Singapore and to advancing innovation for long-term, sustainable growth. We look forward to uncovering viable solutions that are not only locally relevant but also exportable worldwide. This will contribute to the development of knowledge economies as well as smart cities in our regions and beyond.”

Within the central focus on technology utilization for improving the quality of life for their residents, Singapore was graded first globally on the Institute for Management Development’s Smart City Index 2020. Abu Dhabi and Dubai powered out the Middle East territory – outpacing progressive urban hubs like the Tokyo and Beijing.

As per the ranking conveyed by Swiss Academic Institute, Abu Dhabi was just 1 notch up at 42nd position, then Dubai which was positioned at 43rd place.

As per a report released from Mastercard, as well as Smart Dubai and Expo 2020 in March, approximately 54 percent of UAE residents anticipate COVID-19 to swiften the progression of Smarter Cities.

Adio further added that, “The new platform will permit businesses to co-innovate and progress targeted solutions that may be measured for urban-wide application in Abu Dhabi.”

The report further as well as added that, the environmentally approachable business practices, paperless government services and swifter, reasonable, city-wide internet connectivity are few amongst the features inhabitants assume to be accustomed in a   smart city.

Few of the hurdles that include having an attractive energy efficiency for the buildings and street lighting systems within Ruwais City, gathering and utilization of the data to progress public services, executing renewable and sustainable energy sources for numerous facilities and enlightening the comfort of the inhabitants outdoors when the outside temperatures soar by.

ESG’s assistant chief executive, Tan Soon Kim, stated that, “As partners, we can work together to drive social transformation and enhance the lives of our citizens. Singaporean businesses will team up with entities in Abu Dhabi to “co-create and pilot tech-enabled solutions for a range of urban challenges, including energy and water sustainability, transport efficiency and dense communities.”

It has functioned with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, and renewable power firm Masdar to recognize six hurdles to power future smart city progressions in the Middle East. The Firms that are interested to be getting involved in this noble cause and initiative can file in their applications till July 29th here.


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