For the latest postpaid clients, Etislat as well as Du to get more reliant upon the UAEs Credit rating score

Image Credit: - Steve Buissinne/Pixabay

Emirates Telecommunications Group firm-The Etisalat as well as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company-the Du who are also the UAEs two biggest telecom providers, will be highly relying upon Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB’s) credit reports as well as scores better profoundly when they will be welcoming the Postpaid clients.

These operators will be more reliant upon the AECBs study and scores for evaluating the individual’s or the firm’s capability for encountering out futuristic payments obligations backed upon their preceding payment performance. It will duly aid within the instantaneous verdict making procedure regard the onboarding postpaid clients as well as authorizing the procurement of their devices.

Etisalat and Du would offer outstanding Bills as well as payment history on routine basis on the individuals as well as firms in UAE to AECB.

The AECB will collect and accumulate credit data from amongst the Banks, Finance firms, telecom operators, water as well as Electricity firms and courts which bolster the credit report generation as well as form the foundation for the predictive as well as analytics merchandize like the credit score as well as other exclusive pointers.

The News agency WAM reported, both the telecom operators have been operating alongside the AECB for the preceding four years. With the cumulative addition of both Etisalat as well as DU’s data, the AECB’s clientele statistics data which at present stand at 9 million individuals as well as 6,00,000 firms.

The CEO of AECB, Marwan Ahmad Lutfi, further stated that: “All banks and finance companies in the UAE use Credit Reports and Credit Scores to support their decisions in assessing applications for credit facilities.”

Lutfi further added that: “With both Etisalat and du historic and current bill payment information submitted to AECB, it is now critical for both individuals and companies to maintain timely payment schedules and avoid defaults as essential telecommunications services payment patterns are going to show on credit reports and will undoubtedly impact one’s creditworthiness and ability to avail products and services offered within the industry.”


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