Future Progression for the AI as well as technology for Aerospace and Aviation is robust in current scenario


Within the post COVID-19 period, Dubai’s Airshow 2021, will be holding out a platform for showcasing the character of having a huge cutting-edge technology for boosting up Digitalized transformation, the artificial intelligence as well as contactless technology for powering in the future progress of the Aerospace as well as Aviation arena.

There is already a recovery within the aviation, aerospace, as well as defence arena following the impression of COVID-19 pandemic’s impression it creates within these sectors.

A current report showed that 69% of Aerospace as well as Defence administrators stated that they have arranged for an anticipating and re-joining to supply-chain events in command to defend the client involvement.

COVID-19 has emphasized the necessity for being a more robust, supple and adjustable supply chains for the industry. Administrators awesomely agree emerging technologies like AI, Internet of Things (IoT), Automation as well as wearables have fast-tracked the pace of automation over the preceding three years.

The impact of the pandemic has fast-tracked the utilization of latest technologies, counting artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cybersecurity, contactless solutions, 5G, robotics, and automation. These solutions serve as a means to initiative new prospects within the industry and augment safety, operations, productivity and profitability.

As part of Dubai Airshow 2021, Aerospace establishments globally will unveil and display their state-of-the-art technologies and revolutions to endorse the sector’s progress in the region and the world. The event will also embrace conference programmes steadfast to the topics of AI, 5G, and cybersecurity.

60% of business executives are also creating diverse investments for long-term remote work as a significance for the forthcoming six months. This directs the collective reputation of digital transformation within the aerospace, aviation and defence sectors. AI is also being utilized as for deliverance of the adapted travel experiences to commuters in order to produce the determined client satisfaction. A new market study predicted a CAGR of 46.4% for AI in the aviation market by 2023.

New ideas, innovation and advanced client prospects have created a prime opportunity for start-ups within the aviation, defence and aerospace sectors. Co-located with Dubai Airshow will be a novel launch event called VISTA – a start-up hub providing innovators within the aerospace and defence fields a rare casual to access venture capitalists and investors who are gradually looking for unruly new entrants that can out-perform the big players.

In a native first, VISTA will eye a number of sub-events in partnership with Gothams, a principal accelerator that is serving to figure the next generation of aerospace and defence start-ups.

Commenting on its partnership with VISTA at Dubai Airshow 2021, Elodie Robin-Guillerm from Gothams stated: “We believe in the importance of providing the right resources, technology and connections to help empower companies to successfully own their vision and accelerate into the aerospace and defence industries. The start-up ecosystem is thriving not just with ideas, but also with innovative start-ups and investors looking to help businesses scale up and expand.”

“Dubai Airshow 2021 will be an important, in-person, platform for understanding the role of innovation, cutting-edge solutions and services for the future growth of the aerospace sectors. It will be the only live event of its kind this year and we look forward to collaborating with the wider industry to help showcase the power of technology for its future.”

A recent declaration between Amadeus and Norwegian airport operator Avinor overlays the pathway for a contactless travel voyage for passengers. Avinor, which operates 44 airports, is affirming contactless technology that consents passengers to check in, drop bags, progress through security and board their flight.

Additionally, Emirates has united with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to turn out to be one of the primary airlines to test IATA Travel Pass – a mobile submission that empowers passengers to generate a ‘digital passport’ to verify their obligatory pre-travel COVID-19 test or vaccination and accomplish all travel credentials digitally and seamlessly through their airport voyage.

The impression of technologies like the cybersecurity, robotics, AI and 5G will be higher on the agenda at Dubai Airshow, which is customary to take place at Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai Airshow Site, from 14-18 November 2021.

Held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence, the event will carry together experts and senates from commercial and business aviation, defence and military, aircraft interiors, and air traffic management, among others.


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