Futures Agency CEO Gerd Leonhard wants Dubai to adopt a humanistic technological concept


Future’s Agency CEO and a global renowned futurist Dr. Gerd Leonhard quote that although Dubai’s technical program and its embracing newer efficient technological means is impressive, yet he adds stating that UAE needs to adopt a more profitable humanistic worldview in its pursuit of progress and to create a more viable and sustainable future.

Mr. Leonhard also is amongst Europe’s best-known influential thinkers and is the CEO of Futures Agency, a collective of global academics that delivers prominent speeches at world global summits as well advice the Governments and private business players on the severe complications that can arise with the dynamically evolving digitalised world.

Mr. Leonhard, was present on the sidelines of the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature, and was providing a speech on underlining thought behind his book ‘Technology vs Humanity’ and how he is constantly inducing a lot of governments to take technology as a tool to drive and pave the way for a better future with support of human beings.

He also states that in the near future technology will equip human lives in such a way that world will be only run by those who have a sound understanding of data and technology for the purpose of collective social benefit. He also added that there is substantial, significant pressure on the entire region to become an inclusive economy.

Mr. Leonhard, also stated that there is a dearth in the current line of thinking regarding the future risks as “Embracing the technology in a correct way, one is a huge risk as they just tap only the industrial benefits and thereby not unearthing the fullest potential, thus at the end becoming just the commodity.”

From this point, he wants to make a statement that although Dubai has enormous potential in developing future through technological movement, he wants to know What is the real motive for which the cool stuff/technology are utilised, invented? And what are its’ solving abilities?

According to him, the time when it achieves to solve the key issues, then it would become a global player. He also warns humanity that off late in the near future, the hard currency as well the jobs will become discreet and be wholly taken over by the digitalised economy.

He has also pioneered the need of setting up off “Digital Ethics Councils” who is basically a set of Masterminds (wise/potential people) who can overlook behind the realm of money towards setting up of a group that’s goal is to do best for the humanity and that can deliberate the future of their jurisdictions in the right manner.

He also briefed how the geopolitics of global image is undergoing drastic changes due to technological landscapes especially like that of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genetics, Robotics and even humanoids etc.

He also specified that although they are in the right path, yet these developments need to be tracked and governed for a better future, as otherwise, it may lead into a danger that will lurk around the humanity.

Mr. Leonhard, also has spoken in number of summits in and across the Middle East and he adds on to the point that just because growing AI potential has sucked in all to have a competition, its not enough for Middle East to raise the bar as there are still no silicon valleys or giant IT corridors on its backdrop like that in Singapore, Beijing etc.

However, he states that the Middle East has better expansion plans which need to be rapidly build up and management must be a more proactively support privatisation and digitalisation policies along with legal aid and support to attain supremacy.

He also emphasizes on need an hour of call for establishing off “Digital Ethics Councils” that can drive and channelise Civil rights to be connected with cyber-rights and digital rights, thus putting up a great show and become a more inclusive economy by reinventing their ethical and primal knowledge.”