GE Report states that the UAE Business pioneers view AI as an ‘indispensable tool’ for firms post COVID-19 Pandemic


As according to the GE’s Global Innovation Barometer, it founded that the Healthcare ranks at the topmost level as an industry pioneer for making ‘Huge’ progress within the innovation over the past six months tenure.

As according to General Electric, more than around two-thirds of UAE’s business pioneers stated that Artificial Intelligence-headed innovations will be hugely vital for their firms within the post-COVID-19 Pandemic phase.

On Wednesday, as according to 2020 GE Global Innovation Barometer survey, a vast majority viz almost three quarters of UAE executives forecasted that AI will surely progress remote job experience for its workforce, thereby providing better access for the individuals to remotely work from home as well as on focussing upon better high-level productive projects.

The report further stated that: “AI is witnessed as an integral tool for enabling latest innovations and progress the working experience specifically for remote working employees. It further proved that AI acts as a catalyst for the Innovation, and is therefore a hugely indispensable tool.”

For the fight against COVID-19 and possible forthcoming Pandemics (if any), around 40 percent stated that AI will act as an “indispensable tool”, whereas 38 percent specified that induction of AI at workplace, will aid in curbing out rates, and in providing the workforce additional job-related security.”

Within the UAE territory, GE has polled in 102 innovation executives within September and 101 within January.

The Ninth Edition of survey demonstrates how does the very insight of the Business Executives have shifted as in the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic uncertain time frame.

While generation of the report, GE firm surveyed various business executives determining their firm’s innovation policies as well as decisions within the universal markets that is inclusive of nations like UAE, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, China, France, Poland, India, US, South Africa, and Vietnam.

In terms of innovation among industries, healthcare ranked maximum in creation of a noteworthy progress in innovation over the previous six months during the pandemic, according to UAE executives surveyeance.

According to UAE business leaders, the High tech and IT, communications, telecoms and internet, electronics and media and culture rounded off the topmost five businesses making progression in innovation during the period.

Approximately 85 percent of UAE business leaders stated that the innovation at the stage a central role in defending public health and wellbeing, according to the survey. There is an even bigger requirement now to optimally utilize innovative solutions for public health challenges, according to 88 percent of the UAE respondents.

Global executives were enquired about the nation they view as the innovation champion in the world. Few of the 24 percent of Middle East executives selected China.

Executives in the Emirates view that the UAE holds the top innovator globally.

Asked which markets progress an innovation-friendly environment, 4 out of 10 global business executives stated that the UAE has created an “innovation-conducive environment”, according to the GE survey.

The Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the use of AI by firms – which embraces subfields like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision – to exercise viable advantages. The majority of universal and UAE executives agreed that innovation should have long-term profits to society and the environment, GE said.


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